Watching Spirited Away for the FIRST time! (I’m terrified of No-Face!)

Apparently, I’ve had a childhood fear of No-Face for years now…what?

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How appropriately time to just…


Hello friends!

My name is Amy.

I’m an artist and I love movies but I actually
haven’t seen very many movies so that’s what

this channel is all about.

And so today I’m gonna be watching Spirited
Away for the very first time!

That being said let’s get started and yeah.

I’m super excited to check out this animation!

This just feels so calm.

I’m really discombobulated today because I’m
like way behind schedule but just like this

opening sequence.

I’m just like oh, I feel very serene.

(Literally) two seconds later…

He’s so determined!

He’s like we’re gonna make it through!

No no no no don’t hit the statue!!!!


Hey that framing there…wait is it, is it

Oh…that seems a little unsettling.

Oh hello!

I know in my last video we had a rainstorm
but there was not rain on the prediction today



I like how the kid is being like the most
level-headed here and the parents are just

like oh food


Okay so like the town comes alive and then
this community comes about???

oh oh okay oh no

Okay yeah so just a comment here.

I am glad I did not see this movie when I
was any younger because I was really sensitive.

The thought of her parents turning into animals.

She lost that connection like oh that would
have really scarred me as a kid!

Even now i’m like oh that’s that’s unsettling!!

Get on the ferry.

It’s there, it’s bright, it looks welcoming……!

Oh, oh cool!

How is she supposed to not breathe that whole
time though?

Those figures look really familiar……


I recognize something!!!

Okay that didn’t explain anything.

I have known you since you were small?

Like how?


Was she like destined to be here, is this
like a chosen one journey?

I like how this scene is set up here.

We have Chihiro who’s in shadow because she’s
you know, she’s being a little bit sneaky.

She’s trying to work around this environment.

Then we have all of the figures coming in
on this side.

They’re in a little bit more glow, a little
bit more light.

Like yeah, i just think it’s cool!

I don’t know how intentional the shot is but
that’s something cool about animation; is

that you get to control everything in the

So oftentimes animators will use lighting,
will use shapes, we’ll use various things

in the composition in order to tell you what’s
going on.

So yeah, I just thought that was kind of cool!

Oh okay!

Yeah I think screaming might-might let people
know what’s up here!

Oh no is she gonna cough from the smoke?

Well if she doesn’t have asthma then it might
not be a problem.

I get really bad reactions to smoke.

If I sniff it i’m just like “coughing up a

They’re like…little uh what what creatures
are those?

They eat stars!?

They eat stars!!!???!

My whole aesthetic is like space and stars!

He’s like y’all are suspicious – i’m gonna
follow you.


And you can hear the steps of his feet!

Thunder for ambiance.

Can you not hurt the child?

Excuse me.

Despite not seeing this movie somehow I saw
that character.

And the character scared me because it doesn’t
really, because it doesn’t have a face!

You can’t connect with it really and so even
now I think I still have those residuals…I

don’t what!

I’m like I laugh because I don’t know what
else i’m supposed to do!

This chair just is like noise noise noise…

Whoa that’s
a trip!

Even though some of the themes in this movie
are a little bit distressing, like her parents

turning into pigs and she’s upset and all
this type of stuff, there’s something very

calming about this movie.

It just has a different vibe that seems a
little bit more like, a little bit more breath

in it if that makes sense.


I think what’s a
little bit unsettling is that the the mouth

is almost in a smile but like not quite a
smile especially because it doesn’t have eyes.

One of the things you learn in art is that
a way to make your characters if it’s animation

or if you’re doing a portrait is to give it
life by drawing the eyes.

And so because No-Face doesn’t have eyes,
there’s just there’s a lack of connection!

And so it’s like oh i don’t know how to, i
don’t know how to connect with it so I’m uncomfortable!

You know, that type of thing.

So there’s some psychology facts with your
art in there!

The frogs in the background!

Hello friend.

Oh Oh!

So okay so that’s really interesting!

So No-Face, having no face can communicate

I think it was just like the slight movement
of the eyebrows.

There was some vocalizing there but like it
went from like “here you go, here you go”

to then she declined and then it was like
“oh: and then you know what we’re gonna see


I always find it really interesting how much
can be communicated through very little.


How appropriately timed to just “AHHHH”!

So I wonder is the creature actually a stink
creature, or just does it really need a bath

and that’s why it smells so bad?



What is happening?

So yeah, it’s like bringing him in… yeah
i was like…oh we got the trippy flowers


That’s one thing I will say is like despite
how calming this movie is, it does move fast.

In some places we’re interacting with one
scene and the next thing you know we’re moving

on to a different thing and it’s like what?

Yeah I was about to say…

I was like are they birds, are they feathers?

He might be safe, but you’re not!

I think i’m beginning to see why this character
has made its way into you know art and culture

and all type of stuff.

And, what?

Now I’m bleeding!

Okay we’re just gonna get by with it?

All right…

Speaking of gore, look at that!

Okay, I need a band-aid.


What is going on?

But yeah i wanted to, it got chilly in here.

The baby is just stunned, like what is going


They’re telling us his story but we’re distracted
by this little scene!

don’t you know?

where are you going?


okay okay cool we’ll get the humans back!

like i have my little little friend here.

no no no no no!


What we got going on?

Even No-Face is like “Hey, what just happened?”


Is it supposed to be like they met in another

Or they have some sort of like soul connection
type of thing…?


Why are you putting them to work, they’re

It sounded like a little sneeze.

It was like “chuuu”.

That was so cute!

Hey everybody’s waving, even the lamp!

If you can’t tell I’m in a happy mood and
like what’s on screen is so like cute!


Is that like, are they are they going back
to like a former life?

Or okay so that’s why there’s all these scenes
of like things that don’t quite make sense

is because there’s something else going on…

They just land so gracefully

Court of public opinion!

If they met when she was younger, then he’s
probably able to kind of move in between the

world or something, I don’t know.

It’s like good that they don’t remember but
also kind of like hey! l She did a lot of

work to get back to where they started.

Like she deserves at least a little pat on
the back!

How long were they gone?

Wait, there was some magic there?

Was something happening?

How did they flip the car around on that little
tiny road?

is that is that it?

that’s it, that’s it?

All right so that was Spirited Away!

That was a really cute movie!

I think I say that for like every movie.

It was cool getting to check out the studio
and i’m looking forward to checking out more.

So yeah stay tuned for what’s coming up next!

I’ve got a ton of other reaction videos, mainly
more like Disney and Pixar, but I am working

on branching out so there’ll be more studios
in there as well.

That’s all I’ve got for now.

Thanks for watching, have a wonderful day,
and byeeeeee!

No-Face is eating people, i’m bleeding and
I don’t even know anymore…

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