Under The Scope Anime Review: Sword Art Online II

Under The Scope Anime Review: Sword Art Online II

Today, under the scope, I take a look at Sword Art Online II, sequel to the hotly debated SAO. Enjoy!

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I use two rating scales for each review. First is the approval rating. A show will receive one of five approval ratings based on my recommendation. They are BEST OF THE BEST (for shows I find to be masterpieces), WATCH (for shows I find really really good and recommend to everybody), TRY (for shows I find good but not great and will only recommend to some people), PASS (for shows I did not particularly enjoy and would not personally recommend), and finally BURN (for the shows that are so awful they have a special place reserved in hell).

The other scoring system is a 1-5 rating scale that I essentially give out arbitrarily based on how good I think the show is. The two ratings are not exactly related, but will obviously be similar.

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