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  1. Craziest Creeper
    February 15, 2020 @ 6:17 am

    Ehhh, it’s more like 25% like it and 75% hate it! But I like it…

  2. zombiepixlez gamer
    February 15, 2020 @ 6:18 am

    whatanout teenage boys that like one of the female characters?

  3. Alverto 662
    February 15, 2020 @ 6:19 am

    try sao adbriged

  4. i like anime got a problem with dat?
    February 15, 2020 @ 6:19 am

    why does everyone hate sao?

  5. UglyBoySloth
    February 15, 2020 @ 6:22 am

    As someone who has seen both seasons and read the first light novel, I can tell in large detail why the show and overall story sucks. But the main reason is it has development in character and doesn’t have complexity within the characters.

  6. switchblade AGR
    February 15, 2020 @ 6:24 am

    I really like Sao. But I like season 1 more than 2.

  7. Tech Triangle
    February 15, 2020 @ 6:25 am

    Well I love sao like it was my first anime and I loved kirito& asuna’s relationship

  8. Landen Banks
    February 15, 2020 @ 6:25 am

    Well, I remember loving it when I was 12, slowly loved it less and less as the years past, kinda sad when you realize the things that once gave you so much joy just don’t affect you anymore… aaaaand now I’m depressed

  9. Alex Parsons
    February 15, 2020 @ 6:25 am

    i don’t get why people hate it so much its not perfect but still good

  10. Grimsikk
    February 15, 2020 @ 6:26 am

    I personally love all of SAO. It’s a good show for a lot of reasons, and does have many faults, but I don’t mind a lot of those problems that people have. I like self-insert mary sue characters. I like ex-machina bullshit. I like edgy aesthetics and characters for the sake of them being edgy. I only hate one thing in particular: Harems.

    Kirito and Asuna had a perfectly acceptable love story that was compounded by Yui and so on.

    Theeen Sinons ass happened.

  11. Jeremiah
    February 15, 2020 @ 6:29 am

    its a rippoff of berserk

  12. AirEnderman
    February 15, 2020 @ 6:31 am

    You honestly deserve waaayyy more Subscribers. Professional content!

  13. Aurøra_ The_ Cambiøn
    February 15, 2020 @ 6:32 am

    I like them both both I liked SAO 2 better. I’m slowly liking them less though.

  14. Mitrik Gaduk
    February 15, 2020 @ 6:41 am

    The loudest people are the ones people pay the most attention to. They truly are the minority, they keep churning out SAO content every year, new games, manga, anime, movies, etc, and yet supposedly it’s dead or everyone hates it. It’s in high enough demand to warrant the sheer amount of content released, if everyone actually hated it, it’d be dead by now. What we really have is a bunch of SJWs and white knights bitching the absolute loudest. People aren’t defending SAO because it has flaws and some points people will agree with, however they also don’t care that it’s being attacked as that hasn’t changed anything. Just bitching at it isn’t gonna make it change or go away, especially if it’s such a minority. If SAO was changed because of it’s critics, the fans would stop buying the content, they’re fans for a reason.

  15. Mike the Media Dragon
    February 15, 2020 @ 6:42 am

    When I looked into it more I found out that the only parts of SAO I liked were all exclusively from the first novel

    It was a compelling idea but everything that was attached to it was bad

  16. Autobot Skyflame
    February 15, 2020 @ 6:43 am

    I love SAO. Period.

  17. Valkyrie Regalia
    February 15, 2020 @ 6:50 am

    Trust me, many more people like SAO than those who don’t. It’s just in the YouTube anime critic community that has this hate boner for the show. You can simply look at how large its fanbase is in the real world, how its score remains solid on MAL despite numerous efforts to bomb it (its true score would probably be around an 8 if this wasn’t the case), and its extreme financial success across the board to get a feel for its actual merit. Thank you for not submitting to this hate culture on YouTube though in regard to popular anime like SAO.

  18. SuperPikachu Jexs
    February 15, 2020 @ 6:50 am

    Someone with a unique opinion. And one that has points and isnt driven by hate or just to jump on a bandwagon.

    You got subbed.

  19. Gamer Life
    February 15, 2020 @ 6:53 am

    Just started watching anime this week and this was the one!

  20. Kat Daugh
    February 15, 2020 @ 6:54 am

    I may not have been a teen when I watched this show, but i can tell you Kirito is the reason why i hate it and only could watch 3 episodes of it.

    I agree it’s a good show for kids as it’s much lighter than other serious action fantasies. Art is stunning, as well. Great character design.

  21. CowTs
    February 15, 2020 @ 6:54 am

    For people that don’t care about lore character development rape bad story plot holes op character romantic? none good ones! Generic Characters good anime’s More rape bad game design characters that cry for no reason in some parts dumb characters And more! this is the anime for you! Oh wait you won’t read it and just say I suck and don’t do my research and don’t even read my comment! Oh well

  22. Alex Parsons
    February 15, 2020 @ 7:03 am

    i think sword art online is good.It’s not perfect it has flaws but that doesn’t mean people don’t enjoy it. things don’t have to be perfect for people to like it. sword art online season 1 was really good and the part where asuna dies(she doesn’t really die) dang that part was SAD the 2 season wasn’t as good they added guns and stuff it was weird bout i still enjoyed it. i think sword art online is a good anime (:

  23. Wilson Hammer
    February 15, 2020 @ 7:11 am

    I’ve been hunting for a well made video that ironically supports SAO for a long time. Thank you.