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  1. BenXC
    May 8, 2021 @ 8:11 am

    Here’s a timestamp list of all the tablet targets! 🙂

    Green Gardens
    01:05 Build lots of different Rooms!
    02:00 Build a Restaurant!
    04:00 Build a Petting Zoo!
    05:50 Build a Room somewhere up high!
    06:40 Make lots of Meadow!
    07:25 Make lots of Forests!
    08:25 Make lots of Water!
    09:05 Find more Residents!
    09:40 Light up the Island!
    10:05 Build a Farm!
    11:10 Make some very happy Animals!
    14:00 Build lots of Fields!
    15:50 Grow lots of different Crops!
    20:55 Make all sorts of Food!

    Scarlet Sands
    01:05 Build lots of different Rooms!
    25:00 Build Rooms of different Ambiences!
    22:40 Build a Room somewhere down low!
    23:40 Build a Hotel!
    27:25 Build a very fancy Room!
    28:30 Increase your overall Fanciness!
    30:10 Sell something!
    33:20 Build a Changing Room!
    33:50 Change your Residents’ Clothes!
    04:00 Build an Animal House!
    35:35 Breed some Pets!
    25:55 Place lots of Naughty Night Lights!
    20:55 Make lots of different Food!
    09:05 Find more Residents!

    Cerulean Steppe
    38:05 Build Lots of different Rooms!
    38:55 Build Rooms your Residents like!
    40:55 Build a Spa Resort!
    43:20 Make lots of Snowfield!
    44:00 Make lots of poisonous Swamps!
    44:50 Use every Color!
    46:50 Befriend lots of different Monsters!
    09:05 Find more Residents!
    20:55 Make lots of different Food!
    48:15 Collect every kind of Animal!
    49:00 Plant every kind of Flower!
    49:50 Recruit Residents with different Jobs!
    52:00 Make lots of different Tile Types on your Map!

  2. Máximo López
    July 2, 2021 @ 10:45 pm

    The password are only for PS4 version?