How to complete ALL Cerulean Steppe Tablet Targets | Dragon Quest Builders 2

I wanted to do a little walkthrough for all the tablet targets in the game. We’ll continue with the Moonbrooke area of the Isle of Awakening called Cerulean Steppe. I’ll guide you through each and every one of the goals you will have to complete to get all the mini medals and finally the buildnoculars! Enjoy! 🙂

All Rooms built:
101 Rooms Blueprint:
All Room Combinations:
Everything to find on Explorer’s Shores:
All Food Recipes:
Magical Water Storage:

Green Gardens video:
Scarlet Sands video:

00:00 Introduction
02:00 Build Lots of different Rooms! Part 1
03:00 Build Rooms your Residents like!
05:30 Build Lots of different Rooms! Part 2
07:00 Build a Spa Resort!
09:35 Make lots of Snowfield!
10:50 Make lots of poisonous Swamps!
11:45 Use every Color!
14:05 Befriend lots of different Monsters!
16:45 Collect every kind of Animal!
18:20 Plant every kind of Flower!
19:35 Recruit Residents with different Jobs!
23:35 Make lots of different Tile Types on your Map!

Find more Residents! (Green Gardens video)
Make lots of different Food! (Green Gardens video)

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