Dragon Quest Builders 100% Walkthrough Part 1-Chapter. 1 -“Cantlin Conqueror” (All Challenges)

Dragon Quest Builders 100% Walkthrough Part 1-Chapter. 1 -“Cantlin Conqueror” (All Challenges)

Dragon Quest Builders: 100% Walkthrough Part 1-Ch. 1 -“Cantlin Conqueror” (All Challenges)
Direct Capture HD Quality. PSVITA

This video contains all chapter 1 with the completion of all challenges required for the Conqueror Of Cantlin Trophy
Conqueror Of Cantlin Trophy: Complete All Challenges in the Cantlin Chapter.
Quest: Build a bedroom: 34:26
Quest: Pippa: Deliver 5 Plumberries: 36:11
Quest: Craft a Chest: 37:50
Quest: Pippa: Bluprint Workstation: 39:18
Quest: Recruit Rollo: 42:00 (recruited while gathering mats at the start of the video)
Quest: Craft Chimera Wings: 43:54
Quest: Craft a cookfire-Crude Kitchen: 47:30
Quest: Craft shrooms-o-a-stick: 49:50
Quest: Increase Base level to 2: 52:23
►1st Battle: 57:40
Quest: Craft a blue teleportal: 1:01:10
Quest: The Giant Mallet: 1:06:22
Quest: Fix Cloberrina Roof: 1:11:28
Quest: craft a Colossal coffer: 1:17:14
Quest: New Recruit Larouche: 1:22:35
Quest: Craft a Forge: 1:28:17
Quest: New Recruit Kenelm: 1:32:39
►2nd Battle: 1:35:00
Quest: Pippa: Private Room: 1:40:24
Quest: The scorpion-Find the Ruined Castle: 1:46:22
Quest Stone Stockade: 2:05:45
Quest: Stonemason Studio: 2:08:00
Quest: Blacksmith studio: 2:13:00
Quest: Dressing Room: 2:14:00
Quest: Increase Base Level to 3: 2:16:00
Treasure Room: 2:18:00
►3rd Battle: 2:22:28
Twin Teleportarium: 2:28:23
Quest Rescue Magnus: 2:38:57
Learn Gravestone Recipe:
Quest: Pippa: Brick Barbacue: 2:50:18
Quest: The pyramid-Evil Idols: 2:54:06
►4th Battle: 3:02:18
Quest: Armoury and Furnace: 3:04:00
Quest: Watchtower: 3:11:33
Quest Steel Stockhade: 3:15:40
Quest: Level up base to 4: 3:22:53
►5th Battle: 3:27:18
Quest: Wrecking balls: 3:34:03
Quest: Pippa: Medicine: 3:38:00
Quest: Golemite-Cantlin Shield- 1st dragon: 3:42:00
Chapter Challenge-Gravestone: 3:47:23
Chapter Challenge 2nd Dragon: 3:50:10
Chapter challenge 3rd Dragon: 3:53:50
►Final Battles: 3:58:21
Chapter Challenge: Cantlin Garden: 4:08:12
Quest: Level up base to 5: 4:12:31
►Final BOSS: 4:18:43
Played and Recorded by KyKiske7.
System: PSVita

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