8 Unbelievably Cute You Should DO To Your CRUSH!!! [Top Anime Compilation] – Part 3

8 Unbelievably Cute You Should DO To Your CRUSH!!! [Top Anime Compilation] – Part 3.

After the first 2 parts, with a lot of positive feedback, this week sharing of Seita’s Story is another part in Crush Topic. However, this part is much better than previous one because:

1. More comments added in the video, share reason why you need to do that to your crush in reasonable order.

2. Some suggested I should correct the mistake in the tittle, but it’s too long, can add any words and can’t find any better option. So I just keep it.

Hope you all like it, share your feedback and support Seita!

Thumbnail: Almost Done from [Amagi Brilliant Park]

Anime used in this video:

— If you like someone, don’t confess straight away like this..
#1. Almost Done from [Amagi Brilliant Park]
— Let show your care for her/him first…
#2. Kawaiiness Overload from [Black Bullet]
— Then ask some ‘hard’ questions to see what he/she thinks about you!
#3. Ask Their Current Crush from [Karakai Jouzo no Takagi-san]
— After that, try to hold their hand 🙂
#4. Crying Scene+Holding Hands Scene from [Summer Wars]
— Don’t worry if you fail, just try being close to them, again…
#5. This is how Ichika won Charl’s Heart from [Infinite Stratos]
— And try more creative ways to show your feeling…
#6. Assassinating Confession from [Sumomomo Momomo]
— Always remember don’t let others mess it up…
#7. Let Your Mom Tell your Crush from [Musaigen no Phantom World]
— Hope you win his/her heart and love them forever!!!
#8. This is True Love is Like from [Dakara Boku wa, H ga Dekinai]

And if you like short videos, instead of Top 5, Top 10, please check this channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCLid5FWMLnvE6t8TG_stUVw

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