35 Tips & Tricks for Newcomers & Pros! Dragon Quest Builders 2

This is a compilation video of all my “how to”-videos I’ve made plus many more additional tips & tricks! If you’re new to DQB2 or if you’re an absolute pro doesn’t matter. I bet there will be many things you didn’t know before. Enjoy! 🙂

00:00 Introduction
00:52 Magical Water Storage
01:50 Item Storage Solution
02:14 Perfect your Crops
02:51 Max Gratitude Farm
04:09 Metal Slime Farm
04:58 Monster Trap
05:39 Food Buffs
06:23 Strongest Weapon
07:42 Complex Windows
08:59 Dupe Glitches
09:56 Throne Room Fix
11:39 Working Huge Room
12:55 101 Rooms Blueprint
13:09 Hyrule Island
14:16 Limits
15:02 Magnetic Blocks Guide
15:14 Secrets on IoA
15:47 Elevator
15:57 Growing all Plants
16:17 Tree Stump
17:38 Stickler’s Sifter
17:55 Ultimallet
19:26 Removing Blocks
20:11 Terraforming
20:32 Perfect Spheres
21:14 Ocarina
21:50 Farming Orichalcum fast
22:10 Seeds of Life
22:50 Hidden Items
23:08 Post-Story Content
24:26 Thunderbolt Blade
25:09 Buildnoculars Usage
26:42 Bottomless Pot Usage
27:27 Ultimate Fishing Guide
28:16 Display any Picture

35 Ultimate Tips & Tricks Playlist:

Single Videos:

Zelda meets DQB2

Church Trailer & Build

Simpsons House

50 Micro Builds

Magical Water Storage

Item Storage Solution

Perfect your Crops

Max Gratitude Farm

Metal Slime Farm

Monster Trap 1.0

Monster Trap on IoA

Monster Trap 3.0

Food Buffs & Strongest Weapon

Complex Windows

New Dupe Glitch

MP Dupe Glitch

Seed Dupe Glitch

Throne Room Fix (Room Combinations)

Making Huge Rooms work

101 Rooms Blueprint

Hyrule Final Build

Limits in the Game

Magnetic Blocks Guide

Secrets on IoA

Magnetic Blocks Elevator

Growing all Plants

Tree Stump & Stickler’s Sifter (Hidden Collectibles)

How to get the Ultimallet

How to remove Blocks

How to Terraform

How to build perfect Spheres

Farming Orichalcum fast (Ocarina)

Seeds of Life on Furrowfield

Seeds of Life on Khrumbul-Dun

Seeds of Life on Moonbrooke

Hidden Items on Furrowfield

Hidden Items on Khrumbul-Dun

Hidden Items on Moonbrooke

Post-Story Content

All Tablet Targets

All Explorer’s Shores

Thunderbolt Blade Farming

Building Techniques: Buildnoculars

Building Techniques: Bottomless Pot

Ultimate Fishing Guide

Display any Picture

How to design a Poster in Photoshop

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