Dragon Ball Xenoverse – PS3/PS4/X360/XB1 – Full Power! (Trailer Español)

Dragon Ball Xenoverse – PS3/PS4/X360/XB1 – Full Power! (Trailer Español)

Prepare for the upcoming release of DRAGON BALL XENOVERSE: go on FULL POWER and enjoy the insane content of the game!
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Enjoy this trailer in:
English: http://youtu.be/cE93Bk9T4FU
Français: http://youtu.be/7NCwAO-lAbQ
Español: http://youtu.be/rnf6ZnBHbHw
Deutsch: http://youtu.be/kJ12vUMwo8A
Italiano: http://youtu.be/d8XfDBv3h3I

Dragon Ball Xenoverse will release on 27th of February on PS3, X360, PS4 and XB1 and Steam across Europe and Australasia!

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