Yuru Camp△ OST – Beautiful Anime Music / ゆるキャン△

Yuru Camp△ OST – Beautiful Anime Music / ゆるキャン△

Yuru Camp△ OST – Beautiful Anime Music / ゆるキャン△
~ Relaxing with gentle melodies of Laid-Back Camp ~


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►2 Hour Beautiful Piano: https://youtu.be/HSOtku1j600
►1 Hour Beautiful Kimi no Na wa Piano: https://youtu.be/Eth_YQg7ERc

Track list:
0:00:00 Yuru Camp △ Theme
0:02:10 Let’s go camping!
0:05:20 Campsite Theme ~ Lake Motosu
0:11:07 Solo camp △ Recommendation
0:13:17 Gentle Time
0:15:30 Campsite Theme (Jinbakadoyama)
0:20:03 Campsite theme (At the foot)
0:25:40 Chatting and Mugcups
0:27:34 Campsite Theme (Shiribeko)
0:33:05 Deep Breath of Dawn
0:35:32 Wakuara!
0:37:46 Campsite Theme – Asagiri Plateau
0:45:09 Campsite Theme (High Batch, Eastwood)
0:51:45 Time of the field (Wow,)
0:55:30 Fuyubiyori (Hikigatari ver.)

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