Why the FLCL Dub Matters

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Other than being one of our favourite animated works, the English dub of FLCL itself has a lot of very admirable qualities. Its production demonstrates a great deal of dedication and understanding from the staff, while its execution was top-notch and reflected the self-aware nature of the show itself. However, it’s easy to only look at what went into this dub and assume that this exact creative process is absolutely requisite for any English adaptation of any anime. And yeah, naturally I do wish that more dubs would adopt this same level of rigour (though unfortunately that simply isn’t always possible due to schedule and budget issues). But that isn’t really why we wanted to make this video. The most we can ask of an anime dub is to “tell” the specific story its adapting, meaning the team behind that dub needs to get on that story’s wavelength. The fact that a dub team was able to get on the wavelength of a show as esoteric and deceiving as FLCL is something worth celebrating, as is acknowledging the hard work that made it possible. In light of the series returning to television, we wanted to pay tribute to the talent that brought the series to Western television back in 2003 but honestly not even this video (which already creeps toward the 20 minute mark) can do it justice. Please make sure to check out all the interviews listed below to learn more details about the dub’s production as well as the careers of the staff involved. Furthermore, a lot of info regarding the original production of FLCL was taken directly from the commentary track on the Western BD release, so make sure to purchase that if you want to hear Kazuya Tsurumaki’s full comments.

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your name.
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Music by The Pillows:
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Sad Sad Kiddie
One Life
Runner’s High
Blues Drive Monster
Last Dinosaur
I think I can
Little Busters
Star Overhead

Additional Music:
Yukino Miyazawa V – Shiro Sagisu

Narrated and co-written by Eric Dorcean
Edited and co-written by Abhi Kapoor

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