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  1. Renzo Fideli
    September 25, 2018 @ 3:23 pm

    please talk about backstreet girls gokudolls, it’s the most weird series of the season, and the so bad it’s good goes to happy sugar life to me at least.

  2. Zero Cold
    September 25, 2018 @ 3:25 pm

    Lemme play Devil’s advocate a bit:
    Obsessive overachiever moms like that are actually quite common in real life sports and competitions. And yes I do agree that that skirts the borders of child abuse but hey.
    As for Ayano…I can relate to Burnout. It’s a real thing. It happens when you push people that don’t want to do a thing too far into doing that thing. Like a demanding job that you hate. Or sport that you don’t like.
    Other than that I agree.

  3. breakneckvision
    September 25, 2018 @ 3:25 pm

    Well said. I couldn’t have said it better myself. Disappointed by the wasted potential of a great character thrown to the sidelines after two episodes. The captain is the only redeemable part of this story.

  4. Gaming Organically
    September 25, 2018 @ 3:27 pm

    hay review megalobox pls

  5. Anime Forefront
    September 25, 2018 @ 3:27 pm

    I got to say man I’m loving this anime lol! I do see what your saying in regards to its faults though, hopefully the series can pull through in this upcoming episode. I think it will definitely be the make or break point =)

  6. Ruboka
    September 25, 2018 @ 3:28 pm

    i am really enjoying Tenrou: Sirius the Jaeger. It seems to get my favorite this season (besides sequels like My hero)
    Edit: And they got the voice actor of MF DIO as the main villain , a vampire !!! so good.

  7. Tristan PuaTumaliuan
    September 25, 2018 @ 3:29 pm

    Do a first reaction of Grand Blue

  8. Amy Musa
    September 25, 2018 @ 3:29 pm

    I wish you’d review anime haikyuu!!!

  9. aiueo7000
    September 25, 2018 @ 3:32 pm

    I don’t know why but the thumbnail makes me laugh

  10. Tilen scar
    September 25, 2018 @ 3:32 pm


  11. lenmutt
    September 25, 2018 @ 3:33 pm

    Damn I had hope that Nagisa was the Main Character when seeing trailers for this shame to hear she gets pushed to supporting after ep1 focusing on her heavily, now I know not to get too excited. Badminton is still a great sport for an anime never seen that before and with this level of animation.

  12. NCISfoodlillidregs
    September 25, 2018 @ 3:35 pm

    Man, are you watching High Score Girl? Because I really like it, despite the CG.

  13. Mario Mentasti
    September 25, 2018 @ 3:36 pm

    Trauma, Lesbians & Badminton

  14. Abhigyan Tyagi
    September 25, 2018 @ 3:38 pm

    Imagine if berserk had these animators and that budget

  15. Andrea Cazorla Rivas
    September 25, 2018 @ 3:38 pm

    I needed that first 50 seconds rant more than I needed to breath, I could feel those words in my soul, Arkada thanks

  16. Cloud
    September 25, 2018 @ 3:38 pm

    I wanted to ask, there are some similarities between this and Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso. Particularly the part about abusive parents and a prodigy child. I know Shigatsu is a much better show narratively and story-wise but do you compare those two aspects on the same level? I went back and got your opinion on Shigatsu’s take on his trauma and backstory and you seem much more lenient and accepting of Kousei’s backstory while you are more critical of Hanebado’s main character. Just curious.

  17. Hunter Williams-Foust
    September 25, 2018 @ 3:38 pm

    Sports Bras is a invention of Satan.

  18. Leonard Krisna
    September 25, 2018 @ 3:39 pm

    Watching hanebado..
    1St Impression..
    "Hey This girl probably the main Character..and she Probably has Hidden Talent"

    Mid Episode
    "What is Badminton?"

  19. Dayvie
    September 25, 2018 @ 3:40 pm

    its funny pron boyz

  20. Alex Chen
    September 25, 2018 @ 3:43 pm

    Agreed. But pointing out this anime also tries to be a service in towards the Japanese culture of badminton and trying to promote that, only to be shit on by its plot.

  21. ironmaster64
    September 25, 2018 @ 3:44 pm

    sooo in a Nutshell its a piece of S-H-I-T…but its well animated….yeah i agree with that.
    Also i REALLY HATE victimization stories especially in anime so…yeah im not gonna watch this

  22. Thomas Hofheinz
    September 25, 2018 @ 3:44 pm

    They fuck you up, your mum and dad.
    They may not mean to, but they do.
    They fill you with the faults they had
    And add some extra, just for you.

    But they were fucked up in their turn
    By fools in old-style hats and coats,
    Who half the time were soppy-stern
    And half at one another’s throats.

    Man hands on misery to man.
    It deepens like a coastal shelf.
    Get out as early as you can,
    And don’t have any kids yourself.

    – Philip Larkin

  23. lance cedrick mundo
    September 25, 2018 @ 3:45 pm

    Can you please give your first reactions to Haikyuu or even give a review about it. (if you’ve already watched it) Its a volleyball sports anime that has 3 seasons and I would highly recommend it.

  24. Αντώνης Δρόσος
    September 25, 2018 @ 3:47 pm

    One outs…
    Besides that is the chaos….
    Because we are talking about anime…

  25. Abhijith I.S
    September 25, 2018 @ 3:48 pm

    Anime Suggestion : Hungry Heart – Wild Striker 2002-03 Nippon ANimation . this show has heart

  26. Efreet
    September 25, 2018 @ 3:49 pm

    As a badminton player myself, its kinda frustrating that its such a beautifully animated show that really does the dynamics of the sport well, but has ayanos weird ott story being the driving force kinda distracting from the actual great segments of each episode, like you say. I like ayano as a character because it shows how important mental state is in a game and how its basically driving her slightly crazy because of her emotional state outside of it, but the whole "mum left me for a blonde girl" thing is just a bit too ott (I initially thought that they were lovers/doubles partners from the first episode with that flyer, which really weirded me out later when she called her mama lmao)

  27. c rokoroko
    September 25, 2018 @ 3:49 pm

    Tits Animation since high school of the dead

    September 25, 2018 @ 3:53 pm

    When are you going to do your 1st reaction on Attack on Titan season 3. I am waiting for it

  29. iota-09
    September 25, 2018 @ 3:54 pm

    Coolcool, but please tell me, what’s the song played around the middle part of the video? It sound awesome, but can’t make sure of that as it is just in the background

  30. Jeffry De Leon
    September 25, 2018 @ 3:54 pm

    Let’s make Arkada review more bad anime. By far his most enjoyable videos.

  31. Braden Lucas
    September 25, 2018 @ 3:54 pm

    Your racket in April?

  32. Earphone Jack
    September 25, 2018 @ 3:57 pm

    We talking about them jiggly physics? ?

  33. Santiago Martin
    September 25, 2018 @ 3:58 pm

    there’s not such a thing as unnecessary fan service.

  34. simunator
    September 25, 2018 @ 3:59 pm

    i think of this as a well written empirically driven show with badminton doing all the subtext. pretty chalant subtext, but any subtext is a refreshing experience with how lazy exposition most shows are. all the fanservice is just delicious garnish on the side i have no problem consuming during my main course

  35. Briscoe
    September 25, 2018 @ 3:59 pm

    Won’t catch me complaining about the lack sports bra’s on my anime women

  36. Αντώνης Δρόσος
    September 25, 2018 @ 4:02 pm

    You’re losing a little bit more of Sanity in each of your videos. Nice man keep it up.

  37. Kell Harris
    September 25, 2018 @ 4:03 pm

    Check out hinamatsuri!

  38. Kingdrago101
    September 25, 2018 @ 4:05 pm

    Lol I’ve all ways found that just because a story isn’t relatable that it isnt a bad show or just because bad things happen in the show that doesnt make it a bad show.. Honestly people who use this argument are the type of people who are super extra irl.. For example people can say all they want that school days is a bad show, but at the end of the day they know they watched the whole damn show because its entertaining, but they will still tell people not to watch the show that’s super disrespectful to the creators who make these series for you to obviously watch. Tbh for me though my least favorite genre is harem anime now those are unrelatable and forced out of the wazoo they all have the same story to but people like to watch the same shit over and over with these harem anime. That’s what bore these weirdos on the internet who think thats how life works with girls and get boners from watching other guys in anime get a fictional female I like my fair share of ships but some of these reactors get triggered if the main MC doesn’t get every girl in the series I’m like get a life bro its not that serious ffs smh

  39. Ket _ BongBong
    September 25, 2018 @ 4:09 pm

    I get it.

  40. Mousy Saint
    September 25, 2018 @ 4:10 pm

    The sport part of the anime is the best sports I’ve seen in anime. Similar with the animation.
    Shame that the characters and story are a little off.

  41. TokuOtaku
    September 25, 2018 @ 4:11 pm

    I’m looking forward to Tate no yuusha, and tensei shitara

  42. SuaatanaTube
    September 25, 2018 @ 4:12 pm

    The only problem with this series is not the narrative or characters, but the fact that it is based on a subpar manga and HAS to incorporate some elements from it. Like Ayano as a MC and fanservice.

  43. Felitzitas May
    September 25, 2018 @ 4:12 pm

    Please Arkada, could you do a first reaction of banana fish?

  44. Vighnesh Vighnesh
    September 25, 2018 @ 4:13 pm

    Only person who can rival those sweat is hairo from" the disastrous life of saki k "

  45. Tej Bhatt
    September 25, 2018 @ 4:14 pm

    If there is one thing I disagree with it’s that Ayano, in my opinion, is a very I guess refreshing character to see. You don’t get to see a lot of main characters talking the dark route. And it also makes sense as to why she is taking the ‘dark side’ . Her mom literally abandoned her over a match, a match she lost because she got sixk from pink haired bitch. Then she got replaced by another girl, Blondie mc busty. So she does have abandonment issues. Also to be fair, she was FORCED to join, I repeat FORCED to. So yeah.

  46. Elzhar
    September 25, 2018 @ 4:15 pm

    It seems like some of these characters have mental disorders and need professional help instead of playing badminton.

  47. Rex S.
    September 25, 2018 @ 4:18 pm

    SHHH don’t tell them about sports bras!

  48. kai
    September 25, 2018 @ 4:18 pm

    I wonder how much pussy this man gets???

  49. Fectah
    September 25, 2018 @ 4:20 pm

    this series is so confusing. the manga translated is only up to 18 chapters but the raw is up to like 66 and some say its finished while others say its not maybe the raw version is finished and the translated isnt. i dont want to get into the plot point differences with the mother and shit. If someone could explain this series that would be great…

  50. JAV just me
    September 25, 2018 @ 4:20 pm

    Mostly the reason I’m watching this anime is the boob physics