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  1. Lily Porter
    March 30, 2022 @ 2:11 pm

    Did this scene make anyone else tear up?

  2. Aroused Banana
    March 30, 2022 @ 2:12 pm

    I remember watching Spirited Away for the first time when I was 9 and thought that it was not good at first but, as I kept watching I didn’t realize that I was completely absorb into watching it, it is as if I was in the Movie itself

  3. Bill Yi
    March 30, 2022 @ 2:12 pm

    Hey you know your video in the end is messed up.

  4. bluebird
    March 30, 2022 @ 2:12 pm

    Hayao Miyazaki is the Stanley Kubrick of anime. So much attention to detail and perspective

  5. NoriMori
    March 30, 2022 @ 2:13 pm

    I imagine "emptiness" is probably a valid translation of 間 (I’m not fluent so I can’t say for sure), but I more commonly see it defined or translated as "space", "interval", "between", "gap", "distance", "pause", or "room" — all of which I think tell you something about what Miyazaki’s trying to get across with that word.

  6. Hello •.•
    March 30, 2022 @ 2:13 pm

    I want someone to bring me food while I cry like Haku did for Chihiro

  7. Mass Games
    March 30, 2022 @ 2:14 pm

    Ever since I was little I was confused and frustrated as to why movies and TV shows didn’t do this. It was just non-stop action and cutting straight to the next important thing, no moments of rest and just absorbing & exploring the world.

  8. Sora and Shiro AMVs
    March 30, 2022 @ 2:15 pm

    Nothing is more powerful; than the perfectly timed pause.

  9. Yihua Hsiao
    March 30, 2022 @ 2:15 pm

    I like this analysis! And I love the film more!

  10. spicy sushi
    March 30, 2022 @ 2:16 pm

    “Cooking or eating in silence” No Face devouring an entire bathhouse full of food. 😂

  11. Sammie Pittman
    March 30, 2022 @ 2:17 pm

    the time between a clap. Bro. That’s literally what that scene was 😭😭😭

  12. Capt_ Kelris
    March 30, 2022 @ 2:19 pm

    the 6th station travel scene is an incredible moment of that kind. more than 3 minutes of nothing but a travelling in a train, in silence, but held by the music, making a really intense feeling of…. what? spleen, I guess?

  13. Ideal World
    March 30, 2022 @ 2:19 pm

    A friend refused to watch any Studio Ghibli film saying they’d prefer watching Disney because according to them Disney characters are better drawn but they never watched a Studio Ghibli film before ☹️. Said they arent interested even if Ghibli has characters n emotions. I guess that’s what the world wants nowadays, just usual formula. They don’t want to try something different anymore💔

  14. wyatt roetcisoender
    March 30, 2022 @ 2:20 pm

    In Western films (even the best ones), there’s always a push to keep the audience occupied with no room for pausing. I know runtimes are an issue but Spirited Away shows what can be achieved within a Two and a Half runtime, pauses and action alike.
    I must admit if my favorite films had a similar approach (or just reviewed them post production) for this level of contemplation and realism then they’d be Legendary rather than famous🤔

  15. SionMirae
    March 30, 2022 @ 2:22 pm

    Nothing will ever beat the train scene.

  16. Joy Sidra
    March 30, 2022 @ 2:30 pm

    I don’t care if its a filler or not either its doesn’t make any sense or not
    Every scene in this movie is a MASTERPIECE!

  17. T
    March 30, 2022 @ 2:31 pm

    I loved the scenes where they just ate their food.

  18. Jony Banh
    March 30, 2022 @ 2:32 pm

    Took 5 minutes to explain something myazaki explained for his films🙄🙄u ppl do anything for videos

  19. tFighterPilot
    March 30, 2022 @ 2:33 pm

    Well, the best moment in Star Wars is when Luke watches the binary sunset on Tatooine. Though I suppose the music had a lot to do with it as well.

  20. JPin
    March 30, 2022 @ 2:34 pm

    Jesuschrist, such a genious Miyazaki is.

  21. Thanos Beifong
    March 30, 2022 @ 2:35 pm

    I just wanna say that why Haku is so freaking gorgoues?? 👁️👄👁️

  22. Naomi and Corvin
    March 30, 2022 @ 2:37 pm

    "Yubaba controls you by stealing your name." I have watched this film dozens of times, and I just now realized that this has a real-world analogue: when immigrants are pressured into giving up their original names in the new countries where they have come to try to find work.

  23. True Gamer
    March 30, 2022 @ 2:38 pm

    this is why they call him the God father of fantasy life stories

  24. JenLovesFiona
    March 30, 2022 @ 2:39 pm

    Very well done. I cried watching your video. Thanks for that.

  25. Anri
    March 30, 2022 @ 2:40 pm

    When you’re Japanese, you watch this multiple times in your life but you wouldn’t remember anything happened in the movie. I cannot remember anything except I really love kaonashi but he just wanted to eat chihiro.

  26. tyblat 🔎🍎
    March 30, 2022 @ 2:40 pm

    This is pure magic!

  27. woah
    March 30, 2022 @ 2:42 pm

    this movie is magic

  28. Old Milk
    March 30, 2022 @ 2:42 pm

    It’s 2021 and I just watched this masterpiece for the first time, for some reason the rice cake scene stuck out to me soo much. It’s calming yet so emotional, almost like I have been in this same situation trying to take your mind off of an event by eating but then its like a dam just broke and every emotion just comes pouring out. Shockingly amazing film

  29. Elaine Lat
    March 30, 2022 @ 2:43 pm

    Scenes like these are all over Japanese live-action and animated films wherein the creators are allowing the audience to take in the emotion of the scenes that really makes you use your brain to process what’s happening. The way they tell specific stories is that they don’t always need to be overstimulating. I’ve watched a Japanese drama on Netflix called Midnight Diner and it centers around a Japanese diner, its proprietor, the dishes that his regular customers love and their own stories. I was so fascinated by the way the stories are told because no matter how simple and relatable they seem, I’m always at the edge of my seat. The beauty in them is that they pull in the audience in a low-key way that I didn’t even realize how much I enjoyed them, how I began to be so emotionally invested in each customer’s background stories.

  30. A_Cloud_my name changes a lot_
    March 30, 2022 @ 2:44 pm


  31. Dehu
    March 30, 2022 @ 2:45 pm

    Basically, filler moments help bring the world feel more alive and spirited

  32. Dizzy
    March 30, 2022 @ 2:45 pm

    Don’t let toxic people judge you for enjoying dubs especially well done dubs like spirited away because even Hayao Miyazaki himself is quoted as saying “When you watch the subtitled version you are probably missing just as many things. There is a layer and a nuance you’re not going to get. Film crosses so many borders these days. Of course it is going to be distorted.”

    To put simply, even subtitles are still attempting to translate a different language but you’re missing out on the visuals as well. I watched spirited away for the first time the other night in the English dub and it was so incredibly well done and has become my favourite movie, I’m planning on watching it in the sub as well but don’t let snobs tell you that you have to.

  33. El Dente
    March 30, 2022 @ 2:47 pm

    Favorite anime movie since a lil kid

  34. Estephanie Velasquez
    March 30, 2022 @ 2:51 pm

    Say whatever you want, but the scene where Haku and Chihiro say goodbye to each other and Haku tells Chihiro not to look back, and then we are shown all the way she walked for meeting her parents, it gave me six minute long goosebumps!! The first time I almost die on my seat from the uncertainty, because you feel how much she wants to look back YOU WANT TO LOOK BACK TOO

  35. D.R. Cho
    March 30, 2022 @ 2:51 pm

    The part where she eats the rice ball is exactly what it’s like to force yourself to eat something while depressed and not having an appetite 😢

  36. Ana Garcia
    March 30, 2022 @ 2:53 pm

    I’ve always watched Miyazaki’s films in Japanese. It irks me whenever I hear it in English dub. I have nothing against it though

  37. Beans Dude
    March 30, 2022 @ 2:53 pm

    I used to rewatch it several times when I was 6 years old because the show keep replay on television And I became bored … until I was 15 years old (now) and I’m freaking wanna cry when I realize how meaningful this anime is ….

  38. Ashley Naveah
    March 30, 2022 @ 2:53 pm

    This is a nice perspective

  39. Kleeblättchen
    March 30, 2022 @ 2:53 pm

    it makes me sad that so many people just don’t get why these films are such masterpieces and why some of us see them as an important part of our lives… They have these prejudices against anime even without having seen one single anime… so entitled

  40. GW Archive
    March 30, 2022 @ 2:54 pm

    "…is the anticipation that pers[…]t."

  41. The Question
    March 30, 2022 @ 2:55 pm

    Backtracking in Metroid games: 😔

    Backtracking in Spirited Away: 😌

  42. MissJazzDaFunk
    March 30, 2022 @ 2:56 pm

    This scene use to make me cry as a kid every time it happened and I don’t know why. My dad found it endearing.

  43. Blade of Despair
    March 30, 2022 @ 2:57 pm

    Brooo i watched this on netflix a year ago and it was english dubbed but the english subtitles were different from what i hear in the dub and it still annoys me till now (i watched a dub version with a sub if you were wondering)

  44. Thaniya Sp
    March 30, 2022 @ 2:58 pm

    Beautiful. These movies like a magic that draws back my childhood memories especially spirited away. I even went to Ghibli studio in Mitaka just to see them closely ❤️🦋.

  45. Nate Kruger
    March 30, 2022 @ 2:58 pm

    This is the best scene in the movie but this video entirely misses the point of why. So, so, so much is happening in this scene. Miyazaki isn’t giving the audience a breather, he’s putting aside the plot, there’s nothing to think about so the viewer begins to embody Chihiro’s perspective. The journey isn’t meant to establish space, you’re not supposed to focus on the environment, the scene portrays her emotional journey. You see her fear, apprehension, and Miyazaki starts to explore her trust issues and how they interact with her drive for love and implicit hope. She doesn’t trust Haku, he betrayed her emotionally just before this scene. But she goes anyway because she’s alone and he was nice to her and at this point in the movie she doesn’t have anyone she knows she can trust. Before this she was told not to trust him, and she’s actually feeling a lot of apprehension because of what she’s experienced. By the end of the scene, where she eats the magic food, the food isn’t magic, but we see that she starts to feel better because her problems were emotional and now she’s begun to sincerely trust Haku. So, so much happens in this scene, it’s Miyazaki’s thesis statement. Even in the dark he thinks we need to keep trusting and keep searching for the good and love in people, and this is him demonstrating its’ importance.

  46. Katie N
    March 30, 2022 @ 2:59 pm

    I wouldn’t say nothing happens in many of those scenes. They just don’t have dialogue. They amazing tho. Sentimental and thought provoking often times

  47. Paul Lahner
    March 30, 2022 @ 3:01 pm

    The filler, which is far more than an a filler?

  48. Galaxy Space
    March 30, 2022 @ 3:01 pm

    This film freaked me out when I was younger

  49. Meesles Sayhi
    March 30, 2022 @ 3:02 pm

    never watching this movie again 0/10

  50. darkstarrr75
    March 30, 2022 @ 3:03 pm

    The train journey is pure genius takes my breath away every time