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  1. Dandy Randy
    April 5, 2019 @ 4:07 pm

    Wait but shinsou said he can’t control multiple people at once but umm the Calvary battle? He controlled 4 people at once ?

  2. my name is suck
    April 5, 2019 @ 4:10 pm

    I knew you would start by saying that.
    And I ship them

  3. Majin Razzie
    April 5, 2019 @ 4:11 pm

    Sadly, that isn’t enough for me yo ship them. And, I already ship Tsuyu with Shinsou. Both are very serious and don’t get overly emotinal without reason. And Tsuyu is clever enough to not fall for Shinsou’s mind control, if he decided to try and pull it on her, randomly.
    Plus, if they ever had a child that got both their Quirks, it would be Hypnotoad(frog)

  4. Samuel Richardson
    April 5, 2019 @ 4:13 pm

    Shinsou and Kaminari are gonna be the next Eraserhead and Present Mic

  5. Chibi Reviews
    April 5, 2019 @ 4:16 pm

    I definitely ship them

  6. TheSeeohbewhy
    April 5, 2019 @ 4:18 pm

    Eventually he need to learn ventriloquist and needing to learn how to imitate other people’s voices which is truly not a supernatural power because it’s plenty of people for as comedians actors that can change their voices that out will of a moment

  7. TheYoung Cyrus
    April 5, 2019 @ 4:20 pm

    Shinsous the traitor let’s be honest. He hated not being in the hero course which would be the best place to manipulate the strongest pros but he can get any information just by saying hi and then give it out. he’s even perfect because no one will look at him because his powers make him seem more like an asset and help. TBH he seems like red arrow from young justice. he could’ve been reverse brainwashed to get in the hero course to bring down all might at the start and when he fully realizes all mights death he’ll snap out of it and hate himself. maybe even becoming a villain, like twice. just out of necessity since everyone else may hate him.

  8. Jorge Uresti
    April 5, 2019 @ 4:20 pm

    i think the electrical signal is coming from the mic hes talking about his natural voice and the small frequency changes tonal shifts and amplified signal coming from a mic

  9. Jack Lupinek
    April 5, 2019 @ 4:21 pm

    Now that you mention it, wouldn’t Shinzo be able to control overcharged Kaminari the same way? Like if he fried his brain would Shinzo be able to make Kaminari useful again. Either he could continue to release more electricity or maybe he could just act like a normal person.

  10. Titanic Tuna
    April 5, 2019 @ 4:26 pm

    8:34 NO that’s wrong, He’s talking about how a microphone has to convert the input audio sound waves into into an electric signal that then gets transmitted to connected devices which then in turn is transferred back which won’t work with his quirk because it deconstructs the audio waves entirely, in other words Science stops his power from working.

  11. Genchi Violet
    April 5, 2019 @ 4:27 pm

    20:50 I think there term you’re looking for is on drugs

  12. Claire of Hodges
    April 5, 2019 @ 4:29 pm

    Shinzo who? I only know Shinsou

  13. Pedro Barreto Miranda
    April 5, 2019 @ 4:31 pm

    Havent he brainwashed at least 3 people in the UA festival? Like Ojiro and the other two members of his team in the cavalry round? Maybe even 4 to steal the points from other teams? For me this limitation did not exist

  14. Tai Moya
    April 5, 2019 @ 4:32 pm

    The traitor and shinsou in the same team, huh.

  15. Superduper Vlogs
    April 5, 2019 @ 4:33 pm

    What about Bruno mars he flexes a lot and makes pop music

  16. Alvin Alers
    April 5, 2019 @ 4:34 pm

    There is no traitor lol.

  17. Kevin Black
    April 5, 2019 @ 4:35 pm

    What if he brainswashes kaminari and tells him to use his quirk at max for a longer period of time?
    Would he get dumber than he already is to the point where his mental state breaks this brainwash effect or would this make him deadlier than before?

  18. Finn Miller-New
    April 5, 2019 @ 4:35 pm

    Shinso’s mind control limits were foreshadowed in his fight with deku if not intentionally, when he got deku under his control I’m sure it would be easier to make deku ‘say I give up’ but given his limitations he had to make him lose by leaving the arena

  19. Mark Neal
    April 5, 2019 @ 4:35 pm

    I’m pretty sure you misunderstood the electric signal part or read a different translation. He said it doesn’t work because the mic converts his voice to electric. His voice isn’t electric.

    Edit: You showed the panel and we saw the same translation. Read that part again and see if u change your understanding.

  20. Delsin Z
    April 5, 2019 @ 4:35 pm

    Ships are so gay ?

  21. TikToks Russian
    April 5, 2019 @ 4:36 pm

    Nibba tsuyu did that to tokoyami

  22. Guillermo Peña
    April 5, 2019 @ 4:36 pm

    Huh. The more I think about, the more I think Tsuburaba and Tsuyu’s quirks would actually work great together if they had a child. Their child could basically get a frog croak quirk, able to expand their insides and shot high quantities of solid air, which bypass Tsubaraba’s limitation of only being able to shut as much air as his lung capacity.

  23. bethebest963
    April 5, 2019 @ 4:36 pm

    What if in the future, Shinsou has the ability to control himself. This will allow him to go over his own capabilities (for example, run faster).

  24. TheBmans bunker
    April 5, 2019 @ 4:39 pm

    Honestly I think tsuyu can overpower any of them with that tongue action.

  25. Katame
    April 5, 2019 @ 4:41 pm

    Kaminari asked urauraka out on a date the first few episodes and she blew him off for deku

  26. ThatGuyKiko
    April 5, 2019 @ 4:44 pm

    Shinso would be amazing in a spy role i.e. every time he goes into the field he has a different appearance so that people wont know its him and just casually respond

  27. Monty2289
    April 5, 2019 @ 4:45 pm

    Um…no. Its stated that his voice is converted into electrical signal like any voice through an amplifier or receiver. Which makes sense. If he were to talk to you on the phone you wouldn’t hear Shinso actual voice but a broken down electrical imitation of it. Since his actual voice is needed for his power. And imitation of it heard through a receiver or loud speaker wouldn’t help him at all

  28. Danilo D'Avino
    April 5, 2019 @ 4:45 pm

    When I saw "beast boy" for the first time I flashed back to Overwatch. That’s Winston. I hate Winston. LOL

  29. Avaneesh Shrestha
    April 5, 2019 @ 4:46 pm

    "fairy tail situation" lmao

  30. Ultimate Gamer 101
    April 5, 2019 @ 4:46 pm

    Plot Twist: Shinsou can still find the traitor by ordering them to retrieve the class schedule for next week from the staff room or wherever the schedules are located. If someone isn’t the traitor, they wouldn’t know exactly where in the staff room the schedules are, and therefore wouldn’t be able to complete the command. If they are the traitor, then they would be able to carry out the command. Boom. (Note: This wouldn’t work if a teacher was the traitor, because teachers obviously know where the schedules are.)

  31. 0708slick
    April 5, 2019 @ 4:46 pm

    Shinso would be the best negotiater ?

  32. trey lovato
    April 5, 2019 @ 4:47 pm

    Dude ultimate 3 piece combo Jirou, Denki, and Shinso. Sound amplification vocal brain washing with strange electric signals and Denki’s electrification.

  33. killer bee
    April 5, 2019 @ 4:48 pm

    what if someone had a quirk that let them copy others moves. like if someone saw Eraser heads moves with the cloth they can do the same.

  34. Jaden Pearce
    April 5, 2019 @ 4:49 pm

    Stop talking about you gay boy shinsout and start telling us what happened in the chapter, damn.

  35. cxrlos. rr
    April 5, 2019 @ 4:49 pm

    Shinso could learn how to impersonate voices and make different accents!!!

  36. Wade Wilson
    April 5, 2019 @ 4:49 pm

    shinso orders All For One to give him all his quirks

  37. Sweaty Chaw
    April 5, 2019 @ 4:52 pm

    he would destroy shigaraki

  38. heartsXkisses24
    April 5, 2019 @ 4:53 pm

    First. It’s called a continuity error, not a plot hole lol.

    Second, Im not sure if Horikoshi is aware of this, or if he purposely made Shinso explain it this way for character/quirk growth, but pretty much EVERYTHING the body does requires the brain. Like during the sports festival brainwashing people to carry him during the cavalry battle obviously will require brain power. I think if he trains his quirk he may be able get someone to use more brainpower and thus making a brainwashed person able to speak

  39. fluff dafire
    April 5, 2019 @ 4:54 pm

    I’m ninety percent sure people over hype eri’s abilities

  40. Roger Cruz
    April 5, 2019 @ 4:54 pm

    Hmm… would "beast boy" answer a question more hastly or ignore and charge while high?

  41. anonymous Person
    April 5, 2019 @ 4:56 pm

    Guys toga can change the way she looks
    Copied an invisible girl prob killed the real hagakure
    And is the spy

  42. kwamier hawkins
    April 5, 2019 @ 4:59 pm

    The traitor is literally toga they already showed that

  43. dee washington
    April 5, 2019 @ 5:00 pm

    I have a question why don’t we get more development on deku. Isn’t he the main character I would love to see him get stronger but they always worrying about others characters

  44. Sokyu No
    April 5, 2019 @ 5:01 pm

    God I wish that were me

  45. Agentofthe1Truth
    April 5, 2019 @ 5:02 pm

    Maybe he could learn to throw his voice.

  46. Swagger Josh1200
    April 5, 2019 @ 5:03 pm

    You talk way to much just get to the point.

  47. Leeroy Dagnasty
    April 5, 2019 @ 5:04 pm

    I love how subtle your southern accent is

  48. Lzh 1703
    April 5, 2019 @ 5:04 pm

    Gotta love the balance of all for one.

  49. PokéXYZ !
    April 5, 2019 @ 5:06 pm

    Tsubaraba in bed think about his interaction with Tsuyu:
    "I know what I have to do now!"

  50. Eric LeBow
    April 5, 2019 @ 5:06 pm

    I think Shinzo can brainwash a person one by one, just not all at once like you said