Princess Mononoke Showpiece Tutorial Promo

Princess Mononoke Showpiece Tutorial Promo

A showpiece is a sculpture that is made for big events, usually a centerpiece that catches the attention and is an object of discussion and entertainment. A showpiece is generally not made of cake for many reasons. One, it has to be made many days, sometimes weeks in advance to the event. Two, it has to be on display for multiple days. Three, it needs to be portable and therefore, as light as possible. Showpieces are typically covered in edible materials to show the skill of the cake artist and can be displayed along side other edible desserts and cakes. In this tutorial I will show you how I make my showpieces using many techniques like structure building, bulking, shipping and more. This is an advanced tutorial and should only be taken on by cake artists who already have sculpting and structure building under their belt.

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