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  1. Louie Estrada
    October 9, 2018 @ 10:35 am

    unpopular opinion: My Hero Academia is nothing special.

  2. YouTube Age Ratings
    October 9, 2018 @ 10:36 am

    Does he watch it dubbed or subbed

  3. Anika Curry
    October 9, 2018 @ 10:37 am

    I agree with black critic guy.?

  4. Tim Jordan
    October 9, 2018 @ 10:38 am

    I prefer Izuku Midoriya to hook up with Tsuyu Asui

  5. Samuel Jessop
    October 9, 2018 @ 10:39 am


  6. Meow_Not
    October 9, 2018 @ 10:40 am

    idk if ur pronouncing the names right, but i watch the English dub so it is so weird the way u say the names.

  7. Jordan Andrade
    October 9, 2018 @ 10:40 am

    Deku is okay

  8. aehr lynn
    October 9, 2018 @ 10:41 am

    This is actually the shonen anime I’ve watched and kept on watching. So maybe I’m not that used to the expeditions but I like when they explain their powers and they mention what happens when they use them too much. But I do agree with the flashbacks those are annoying

  9. Suzie Ayers
    October 9, 2018 @ 10:41 am

    He earned his new power by training intensely for several months on end, so he could have a body capable of handling that power.

  10. Lithia
    October 9, 2018 @ 10:42 am

    Before I watch this imma make one thing clear :
    Asui is best girl.
    Bakugou is best boy.

    On to the video now XD

  11. Nipah EveryDay
    October 9, 2018 @ 10:43 am

    It’s 80%

  12. SpoinRoin
    October 9, 2018 @ 10:45 am

    I feel like mha has a basic story that is told with such a different way.

  13. Matt Lucas
    October 9, 2018 @ 10:47 am

    Actually it’s one creator .For some reason I could deal with black critic.I actually .

  14. Scarlett J
    October 9, 2018 @ 10:49 am

    This is one of my favorite animes right now ?❤?. And BCG Kacchan (Spoiler) he wont be a villan it is in the manga the villans already asked him to join them and he refused or at least that is what i heard.

  15. YUM
    October 9, 2018 @ 10:49 am

    oh just wait seson 2 is amazing

  16. Nuru Mo
    October 9, 2018 @ 10:49 am

    thumbs up and sub awesome review man im on episode 7 Thank you for keeping this shit spoiler free

  17. Joshua Austin
    October 9, 2018 @ 10:49 am

    Hey guys if you like my hero academia and rap check my song out

  18. Dark Wolf
    October 9, 2018 @ 10:49 am

    80% not 90%

  19. punk1attitude
    October 9, 2018 @ 10:51 am

    Bakugo is a prideful man, way to prideful to be evil. He knows only the best are heroes.

  20. R.J. Merci
    October 9, 2018 @ 10:55 am

    Forgot to talk about the epic music. Why won’t you talkn about such a recognizable part of My Hero Academia.

  21. Silent Protagonist
    October 9, 2018 @ 10:55 am

    Anybody who says he doesn’t deserve his powers is wrong.

  22. Storm Crow
    October 9, 2018 @ 10:59 am

    If I were Izuku, I would go for Tsuyu.

  23. Suzie Ayers
    October 9, 2018 @ 10:59 am

    It is great how they made Bakugou into a red herring, but ya, they overdid it a bit. Still, it makes all for the better comedy when Bakugou starts to realize that his behavior is preventing him from advancing in his career path, but he is so slow to understand… Bakugou, yelling at kids is bad… you need to control your unnecessary rage… XD

  24. Akemi Homura
    October 9, 2018 @ 11:00 am

    *Thoughts* S2
    A standard shonen series.

    *what is wrong with this*
    the entire idea that just because people have special powers people from modern society can look on as teenagers
    brutally fight each other. not to protect but for entertainment.

    those times all might uses his powered up from when he does not really need to. like talking to deku alone…
    he said he could only use it for about 1.5 hours a day…he really should not be wasting it….

    how can i get invested in a injured character when you have people with rapid healing magic powers?

    the system needs to be destroyed if doing the right thing is a crime…

    Deku thinks fire/ice boy is mean when it comes to his father….did he forget what his father has done to him?…

    for deku to make such a simple mistake of not paying attention where he is landing is not believable . this is the guy who thinks about thinks more then most other students…

    does the writer really expect people to believe that no one is going to fix that hole in the wall between the locker rooms?
    or at least cover it?

  25. The Anime Girl
    October 9, 2018 @ 11:00 am

    oh.for the love of God Kacchan is not sasuke

  26. Mr. Unkown person64
    October 9, 2018 @ 11:03 am

    is it just me or does this just sound like the anime version of that movie Sky High?

  27. CarAmeL624
    October 9, 2018 @ 11:04 am

    I am an anime-only viewer so this is all just theory, but I predict that Bakugo would indeed be a hero but end up similar to Endeavor (Todoroki’s father) or even a Anti-hero like Deadpool. I think this would have been his path without Izuku, but Izuku’s presence will help to change him and the anime/manga will focus on that; just a small part of why Izuku becomes the Greatest Hero….his ability to help people change.

  28. The crazy killers
    October 9, 2018 @ 11:04 am

    The name kachan is a rip of from demon King daimaos achan

  29. Valandar2
    October 9, 2018 @ 11:04 am

    Actually, the flashbacks and expo-speak aren’t to pad the runtime… they’re mandated by the Suits Upstairs, because they think anime have to have them to be successful since DBZ had them.

  30. 2bleachfans
    October 9, 2018 @ 11:05 am

    Im thinking that could be my new entrance theme

  31. David Timmer
    October 9, 2018 @ 11:05 am

    I’m gonna say, my personal favorite heroine, and this is a video game, so bear with me, Aqua from Kingdom Hearts and my favorite hero: you know who I pick, Sora from Kingdom Hearts.

  32. Keye Necktire
    October 9, 2018 @ 11:07 am

    Bakugo will never become a villain

  33. gamewizard2008
    October 9, 2018 @ 11:07 am

    XD That’s exactly how I felt about Deku and Sue in the first season!! But Deku and Uraraka certainly bond more in the second season.

  34. thatbeast7HD
    October 9, 2018 @ 11:08 am

    I feel like this show is just average

  35. jotainfilms
    October 9, 2018 @ 11:09 am

    to me it was obvious that bakugou would not become a villain. i have not read the manga yet but the comments are pretty much full of spoilers. minor spoilers but spoilers

  36. Perry Dunetz
    October 9, 2018 @ 11:12 am

    You fell for the same thing as everyone else with bakugo, bakugo is the furthest thing from a villain

  37. Perry Dunetz
    October 9, 2018 @ 11:13 am

    If you don’t tear up when all might says you too can become a hero we can’t be friends

  38. mike
    October 9, 2018 @ 11:15 am

    i `m just glad it isn`t like naruto . they have too many flash black that that doesnt ties in to any and the worst part is , they so long , they even show them again the therd time in a round. if they series does get a time skip , i just hope it`s not like naruto and fairy tale. with they awful character redesign on fairy tale , i miss the old way their look and with naruto mostly being the main lead about rescue his boyfriend , like those two better when they hated each other but secretly care for one another , also less attention the other character got in the series ,i mean some did like hinata , what his face with his shadow and the fat guy but not the best like rock lee and neji and the others , i actually know the characters names i just can`t type them , sorry about that

  39. aehr lynn
    October 9, 2018 @ 11:17 am

    It would nice to make another review when the second season is done because it has gotten more better and has more character development for the other characters in the show ?

  40. Matt Lucas
    October 9, 2018 @ 11:18 am

    Honestly it’s clear that you haven’t read the manga

  41. Hailey Harmon
    October 9, 2018 @ 11:20 am

    My favorite heroine would go to Rukia Kuchiki.

  42. Chenoa Sparkle
    October 9, 2018 @ 11:24 am

    13:19-13:50 Yeah…..I see what mentioned there black critic guy??

  43. The last prodigy
    October 9, 2018 @ 11:24 am

    Its actually 80% of people have powers not 90%

  44. Kefka Palazzo
    October 9, 2018 @ 11:28 am

    Honestly, you saying that we’re jumping to conclusions about Bakugo, yet you yourself is presenting it like he will obviously become a villain down the line. honestly, based on his behaviour in other situations, I feel like he’s just gonna be a really aggressive hero, but he’ll never turn villain. He’s simply way too focussed on surpassing All Might, specifically as a hero, to ever actually turn villain.

  45. Kringhetto
    October 9, 2018 @ 11:30 am

    10/10 for that All-Might laugh.

  46. Art Claws Colors
    October 9, 2018 @ 11:30 am

    Bakugou broke that foreshadowing

  47. Screaming Sushi
    October 9, 2018 @ 11:30 am

    He earned the powers because he trained for ten fucking months straight and he trained HARD. Those other kids were born with their powers and this little boy worked his ass off to get it.

  48. Let's Read Textbook
    October 9, 2018 @ 11:31 am

    11:00 shounen animes/manga have character expositions in large portion of runtime because that is one of reason teens allured to it: character shilling, listening to other people saying how awesome someone is among what teen years consist of. Basically masculine version of gossiping.

  49. Amy Musa
    October 9, 2018 @ 11:33 am

    Review season 2!!!

  50. Moon's Child
    October 9, 2018 @ 11:33 am

    I know this comment is hella late, but I have actually only recently finished the first season of this show (my conscience would not allow me to watch it in the midst of the hype and knowing there would be more seasons) so I speak from the same place you were when you made this review. I have two defenses for two of the problems that you had with the anime. Number 1, almost no one likes flashbacks. Asian tv in general are littered with them whether it be anime, Korean, Chinese, or Japanese dramas. However, flashbacks are (often) used to show the audience the character’s state of mind. In shounen anime in particular, they are constant callbacks to that character’s personal motivations. The moments in flashbacks are usually what propels their decisions. The problem is when it happens too much and most of the show ends up being flashbacks with little to no storytelling, so in that respect, I agree with you. Number 2, Bakugo. I do not have bad intentions when I say this, but I have watched quite a few of your reviews and I think the one thing that would really help them is looking deeper. You have a tendency to look at the surface level, and passing judgement with only surface information makes your reviews just a bit hollow. Your assessment of Bakugo is a great example of this. On the surface, he is loud, rude, dangerous and has all of the trappings and makings of a villain. However, I found him to be one of the most unpredictable characters. He has a clear obsession with torturing Midoriya. Why? In the flashbacks of their childhood, Midoriya clearly idolized Bakugo and he basked in it. But for a kid believing that he was the best, there was something in Midoriya that he didn’t have; a fearlessness that seemed out of place for a quirkless person. Perhaps Bakugo recognized this strength in Midoriya and jealousy ensued. You can tell he has strong feelings about it because of what he says in the anime. Bakugo also had some surprising moments. For example, when facing Midoriya in their first hero class assignment he made adjustments, and adapted his fighting quickly proving that he was not just about punching blindly, In the battle in the USJ, he again shows that even while fighting he can analyze his enemies and use the information for a later fight like with the warp villain. After watching his fellow classmates in action, he realizes that he not the strongest or the best as he always thought he was and the teary scene he had with Midoriya proved that he was painfully aware of this and now has a true goal to be the best. Even "allowing" himself to be teased by his classmates is wonderful step forward. As I said, I have not watched beyond season 1, so I don’t know what Bakugo’s future holds, but the little things that pop up in the anime show that he could go either way or maybe even the anti-hero route. Even if he does go full villain, the speculation is what makes his character great. Missing those little moments of his and just dismissing him as a future villain, tells me that you are not watching closely enough to see the layers. I have overanaylzed your review pointlessly, but I like your content, so I guess this is just something I think you could improve upon and make your reviews as full and complete as they are entertaining. Sorry if I offended, this all just my opinion and constructive criticism.