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  1. Evan Korach
    May 20, 2019 @ 7:38 am

    I would say that it had a good bit of originality. More in the sense that in of itself, it felt very unique. It doesn’t feel like a series we’ve been getting for the past few years or so. It feels fresh. And honestly, i do t mind the "generic" story in the slightest, mostly due to it was more of a character drama series than a sports or what ever else series. The overall plot wasn’t important. And even if it wasn’t original, its still a very good series. I wouldnt say it being more original wouldnt help the series at all. Mostly due the fact that all you need for a good series is the bare minimals (not like bare bare minimal like mc, villain, different world, lover, etc). Especially since it doesnt have the time to really flesh out the originality with another season or with the manga going pass the anime. It just needed to do its job and it did its job right.