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  1. bstei
    October 28, 2018 @ 4:01 am

    The Backbed that came this time was the strongest enemy with Gegege no Kitaro of the past.
    He is the original youkai of this work, it seems to be such a depiction as I’m looking into this side from the other side of different dimensions.

    To me, the Western youkai looks more brutal than the Japanese youkai.
    Agnes is straightforward but seems not to be a bad witch. I’m sure I will become a better girl by having friends with Mana.

    Anyway, how many youkai have fallen in love with Mana?
    Is she using magic of a special charm against youkai too?

  2. Badass Goku
    October 28, 2018 @ 4:07 am

    Drippy you low-key garbage for making us wait on your godly reaction, not because man, not Because.

    JK on the "garbage" part lol.

  3. Kevin weekes
    October 28, 2018 @ 4:11 am

    welcome back and i can’t wait for next episode kitaro going ui in episode 28

  4. Riza Kurta
    October 28, 2018 @ 4:20 am

    28: Neko-Musume plays ZERO games when it comes to Kitaro. You mess with him and she’ll claw you a new face. Seeing him suffer like that hurt a l o t, Neko-Musume is a mirror representation of me. Give Kitaro a break and let him be happy and healthy.
    I loved seeing the other GeGeGe Forest yokai again,, didn’t love seeing them get injured and even killed…
    Wow, it was really satisfying to see Wolfgang get beat up like that. T h a n k y o u. Your reaction to this battle is very much the same as mine. xD

    29: Mana’s human, although she’s a pretty unique one; she’s got that "coincidental power" and has attracted Nanashi’s interest and has been made a "hollow vessel." Regular girls her age should just be worried about school, but she’s got other things to worry about.
    Victor Frankenstein is so adorable although just a little crazy,, just don’t make him cry and you’re perfectly fine!! <3
    Really loved this episode, so warm and toasty. I needed a little time to calm down after the War. Always love how GGGnK doesn’t forget about anything that it has covered, even if it’s generally episodic. The choice to air the Western Yokai Arc this month and around Halloween was perfect! Next episode will be about Carmilla the Vampire and Halloween. We’ll likely be getting back into the War plot after viewers get more insight into the Western Yokai.

    The source origin for Backbeard is unclear, but his design has been inspired by some drawings made by other artists. Backbeard is most definitely based off of one or more Western (namely American/English) spirits.

  5. crcoghill
    October 28, 2018 @ 4:23 am

    Considering the next episode is nice, I’m looking forward to the next one: the Halloween Party one.

  6. YumikoStarlight
    October 28, 2018 @ 4:24 am

    Yaaay, glad to see you back with Kitaro, welcome back. Seems to have been a really busy week for you 🙂

    Episode 28 was so hard to watch. That beautiful forest, it now seems like forever ago when we got a tour of it together with Yuta in episode 4 :/ So far I’m really not liking Agnes as a character. I guess she got better in ep 29, but it’ll take more than that kinda development to make me like her again. I think her design is very pretty, but what she did to Kitaro was just horrible. I can understand her desperation, but she’s not doing anything to get allies, only constantly demanding for others to help her and if things don’t go her way, forcing them to do so. I know this series’ Kitaro seems cold in comparison to all the other series, but the saddest thing is probably that even at the cost of his life he still would’ve agreed had she discussed the plan to charge him up with spirit power with him. As long as it meant protecting his friends, he’d still do it. The way she went about it, she just made an enemy of him too, and rightfully so. If she did something like that to me I’d never want to see her again, and Kitaro had every right to not take her crap anymore by the end of the episode, I pretty much expetced that he would just tell her to leave and never come to the forest again. Even that he agreed to help her get the ring back was more than she deserved. She’s just selfishly and pointlessly rushing into battle without regard of anyone else, and if Kitaro hates anything it’s people like that. He’s been very nice to her so far, even providing her with shelter after the last ep, but all she did was bitch and complain all the time. Even his kindness has its limits.

    The fight and animation were just beautiful, and it was so amazing to see Kitaro go toe to toe with scary Western Yokai. The part when he took on Wolfgang and Adele was hype as shit, not gonna lie, I was screeching at home like a schoolgirl too, had to watch it multiple times for it to really sink in, and it was satisfying as hell. The way I feel about the power caps here is that Western Yokai are few in numbers, but all of them are very strong. There’s thousands upon thousands of Japanese Yokai, but they’re weaker with Kitaro as their champion. And the saddest thing is that even after all of this, even after Kitaro fought tooth and nail to preserve what was left of the forest, Backbeard is still so much more powerful that he just shut him down completely in one shot. If any episode ever felt hopeless in 2018 Kitaro series for me, it’d be this one. Right now it just seems like the Japanese Yokai have no chance at victory unless the ring is used, and god knows what destruction that thing is going to cause.

    But on a less depressing side, I love that Kitaro used a small callback to series 5 – putting his geta on his hands to power up his punch. Though that move was more often than not used defensively, to catch blades and stuff like that. In any case, it was great to see it happen again, I just thought it was a cool move that 5th series’ Kitaro came up with.

    As for episode 29, not much to say on that one TBH. The broom was the cutest thing about it? XD
    Brigadoon project is also a thing that’s been done before, but normally Backbeard wasn’t the instigator. In any case, if Brigadoon happens, it’s not gonna be good for Kitaro, he’s been trying pretty hard to preserve the balance between Yokai and humans, and it’s getting more and more shaky with Agnes stirring shit as well. She seems to be learning and taking Kitaro’s words to heart at least a little bit, but DAMN is her progress slow. At least they reached a compromise on the Yokai apartments by the end, Kitaro really looked like he didn’t want to deal with any more shit that day.

    Also please, Rat Man getting the ring? When has Rat Man ever been successful in his treasure quests? XDD Even if he did get it he wouldn’t know what to do with it and would probably just sell it :”D Tho to be fair if people ignored me as thoroughly as he was after Agnes KOd him, I’d betray these bastards on a regular basis too xDDD (JK, he sometimes deserves a good smack to his thick head, but at least the crows could’ve let him had the food, I swear the dude attracts trouble like a magnet :P)

    I don’t think your theory is wrong at all, I doubt she’s necessarily a witch since witches are more of a western thing, but she attracts so many Yokai it’s impossible for her not to have at least some spiritual power. Her ancestors could’ve been mediums or something.

    Backbeard is weird AF TBH. Not much lore is known about him, other than he may have been based on English folklore’s Bugbear, but even with that he has close to nothing in common, just the name. So yeah, the Backbeard lore… kind of a big empty black hole in Kitaro universe :’D

  7. Namirakira
    October 28, 2018 @ 4:31 am

    The burning forest and dying yokais was like the death scenes in Infinity War for me. I was saying "Oh no, oh Jesus Christ why! This world is unfair!" But my heart was like "Ohhh Ohhh yes sempai. More more iyaaaaaan!"
    It was greatly satisfying to see Wolfgang getting his ass beat after how he brutally killed Miminaga. Not as satisfying to see the guy pee on him though. Also I want to talk about Agnes. I’m not a fan of her that much (she was slightly better in episode 29), but considering the show she is on, they will make her likable. Like people didn’t like Mana at first because they were under the impression of "Oh she will slow Kitaro down. She is just a damsel in distress." But fans know that every human on this show is a damsel in distress.

    Episode 29. Mana isn’t a witch. That broom is just a whore. That’s what! Also, I thought Agnes was going to get fucked when that whore of a broom pushed her in the pond. Because witches melt in water. Maybe they will make holy water her doom. Also, Mana is in junior high. You can’t be shoving toys into her face! She is UNDERAGE! THE OTHER CHARACTERS HAVE BEEN AROUND SINCE ANCIENT JAPAN OR AT LEAST THE 20TH CENTURY! Why is this show not as innocent as I remember? This is just like SpongeBob.

    Also regarding Backbeard’s lore, I have books written by the creator Shigeru Mizuki so I think I can piece together a lore. This is what I found. He is a yokai from America who who appears around sunset and just stares at people and those who meet him become temporarily unable to see and fall over. . .. Dang it. I was only able to find fun facts. He can make his skin harder than steel and softer than rubber. He ,surprisingly, has no lore. Nothing. My advice for Kitaro is have a bunch of soap to throw at him. That normally hurts like a bitch when soap goes in my eye.

    Also that preview looks cool. Reminds me of the Rocky Horror Picture Show for some reason. Oh lord, I feel old.

  8. Fullcolor - Creative Studio
    October 28, 2018 @ 4:42 am


  9. たこ焼きSou
    October 28, 2018 @ 4:42 am

    Oh here it is, the hype!

  10. 何者だ?! レーザーディスクは
    October 28, 2018 @ 4:46 am