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  1. Tribacious Tee
    November 1, 2019 @ 11:42 am

    Someone has to be that guy who says that it’s "Ree-yuk" and not "Rai-yuk", so I will.

  2. Dulala
    November 1, 2019 @ 11:43 am

    To be honest I was very disappointed in this version; I personally think they could have done better than this teeny booper crap. The one thing I couldn’t really handle was the personality switch ups between the characters, it was really cringy.

  3. Makai Kishi Zero
    November 1, 2019 @ 11:50 am

    I see you have your L uniform on lol

  4. Jean-philippe Poirier
    November 1, 2019 @ 12:06 pm

    Great review. The showrunner has confirmed that him and Netflix want to do one or two more movies, if this one has enought viewings.

  5. Mind Yours
    November 1, 2019 @ 12:29 pm

    *Personal Re: Post*

    *My Honest Review for honest movie watchers. Spoilers included, and CinemaSins Worthy*

    The movie was pretty bland and bad. A lot of the serious scenes pretty much was terribly acted out.

    1) From Light’s first encounter with Ryuk and his over exaggerated screams, to the way he looked when pounding on the door, up till the point of him over exaggeratedly cowering under the desk.

    2) The gore of the deaths made people explode like watermelons; which was highly over the top.

    3) The way Misa/Mia was literally able to go into a government building, and literally sneak behind a well trained FBI Agent and Taser him in the back of his neck.

    4) To L revealing himself to the world to test Kira’s ability. Knowing he put several people around the world in jail. Thus publicly showing his face to the world was imbecilic.

    5) The scene where Ryuk said no one got past writing two letters of his name in the book before he got to them. Yet you clearly see someone literally wrote his full name in the book saying, "Do not trust Ryuk".

    6) The additional rules added to the Death Note that only complicated it.

    7) When Ryuk said no one else could see Ryuk, because the book only worked for the person who literally owned it. Yet somehow Mia was able to write Light’s name as well as the FBI agents name in the book. Giving her the ability to kill them. That which totally made no sense. Being how could you kill someone if the book doesn’t recognize you as it’s owner; which would allow you to see Ryuk?. Thus why complain about Light handing you over the ownership of the book in the first place, but to only then snatch it at the end activating Light’s plan???<<Wtf?! Someone explain that part. Being logic was completely lost when they thought those parts up.

    8) How did Light not die from that crazy long Drop from the Ferris Wheel when hitting the water the way he did. It would be like hitting a pavement.

    9) How does it make sense that burning a page with someone’s name written in the Death Note prevent their Death?

    10) How was Light able to kill Watari or possess him when he only knew Watari’s 1st name, and not his entire name as also stated earlier in the film and series.

    I kid you not I literally have like 30 things I can write down that made no sense at all. If you want me to continue I can. Yet this movie was full of holes and made no sense at all. It was bad acting and only L and Ryuk carried out their characters a bit decent. Up till the end portion of the film where L ends up becoming an uncontrollable nutcase chasing down Light in a stolen cop car.

    Screw it I’ll add a few more.

    11) How did light shooting the control for the Ferris Wheel before getting on it allowed the Ferris Wheel to still operate to take him to the top of it?

    12) What made Light believe it was smart to tell a female he barely knew that he had the ability to kill people with a notebook. Then decides to brag about how he can show her what he can do on a live feed? After telling her he killed a fellow classmate/bully.

    13) Light thought killing the guy who killed his mother 1st was a smart idea. To which somehow took his father that long to figure out it was Light up till the end of the movie. When all signs pointed to him. After L discovered the leaked intel could only be sourced by their department. Anyone could of put 1 & 2 together. Shyt I’m surprised he made it that far as a cop. Not like Light not killing him on the stand wasn’t a big enough hint lol. Let alone killing the bully who gave him a black eye at school. If that doesn’t narrow it down then I don’t know what does.

    14) Ryuk pretty much said the book couldn’t do things without logical reasoning behind it. Yet pretty much the majority of glorified Deaths or structural incidents happened without any logical reasoning behind it.

    Like seriously I have over 30 point outs that shows you how incredibly terrible this movie was. If you really want me to go in on each I really can. This movie was so garbage, and this is me not even comparing it to the original.

    This movie felt like Final Destination + Demon Looking Mother F^cker + Emo Kid = American version of Death Note. Being there is no way you can’t tell me after watching this and say Final Destination was not written all over this. Being how the deaths were happening was way too supernatural like Final Destination. It was nothing like the original Death Note. He literally controlled objects like in Final Destination. When the book in the source material could only control people. This movie even if not referencing the source was unbelievably bad.

    I’m not going to even get into how Light suddenly became super smart at the end in under 5 mins when creating his plan when in front of the schools computer lol. When the only scene they reflected on his intelligence was when he was handing out math homework lol. Yet everything else contradicted his thinking capabilities. Given Mia showed she was clearly more cunning then him. On top of the fact he pretty much told L he was Kira in the Diner. To which made no sense at all. Especially since he still never knew L’s name yet to kill him after revealing himself. On top of the fact he openly walked around carrying the book like some dimwit.

    How was Watari’s orphanage that L was raised that old and beat down when L is in his early 20’s and it was pretty much a government facility?

    Also, how was a secret passage way Watari entered was so easily discovered by agents when looking for L’s identity. If this place was so easy to find how come no one before hand went there to find out L’s identity till just then.

    Even if those agents were controlled to kill Watari. Who was the one to set up the hit?. Being Mia never really knew Watari’s location. Given that even L didn’t know where he went, because he usually contacts L before doing anything like stated in the movie.

    Let’s not get into the cliche getting shot and dying before revealing the name scene with watari. I’m more shocked a beam of Light didn’t go into the air and parted the clouds lol

    If you’re an active thinker or movie watcher. If not just a person who likes to understand and enjoy what you are watching. Then this movie is not for you. You literally have to shut your brain off for this movie and stupify yourself to only focus on people dying and running around. As you watch random love scenes and relationship dramas take place.

    I’m sorry but I’ve seen better writing on Teen Wolf if not Shadowhunters then this. This movie was horrible. It felt rushed and all over the place. You felt nothing for the characters during and after it ended. If you could even call the ending an actual ending. No real intelligence was displayed through out the movie. Being once it was established by L it was completely lost towards the second half of the movie. It was a typical battle of cops and robbers. With no message to be found from it.

    The real Question is. Did you care about Light or Misa/Mia towards the end of it? Did any of the characters make you feel anything for them or where you only taken in by the cinematography and VFX effects? Can you see yourself watching this on multiple separate occasions after first initially watching it? Being the overall production value for this movie was terrible I would say.