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  1. Marcelo Cabral Lima
    October 26, 2018 @ 6:13 am

    Dude, I nearly teared up with that ending there. Thankfully, I’m not in need of this kind of motivation anywhere near as much as I once was, thanks to good friends and over a year of therapy, but I was there at one point, and even now it’s still something incredibly uplifting to hear, and I’m sure there’s tons of people out there that will also be helped by this message. Thank you.

  2. Jannes_
    October 26, 2018 @ 6:14 am

    Great quality of production but please either talk about more content or end the video after 5 minutes. It was fairly obvious that the video was just streched out. You just kept repeating yourself.

  3. Krompous Dumpling
    October 26, 2018 @ 6:15 am

    One Punch Man has Mumen Rider and that’s why it is good…

  4. Manish Danger
    October 26, 2018 @ 6:15 am

    You sound so much like John Krasinski it’s not even funny. Good vid though

  5. Jane Ross
    October 26, 2018 @ 6:15 am

    In the beginning of your video… great valid point to make, not such a great set of choices of which movies to draw clips from to illustrate it. Civil War, Rogue One? Just to pick out a couple of examples. They are unusually refreshing non-ordinary storytelling, when compared to the overdone big budget norm.

  6. Lonely Clasher
    October 26, 2018 @ 6:16 am

    I want to see saitama fighting someone who wont die by just brutal strength…Someone whom even saitama cant defeat…
    SPOILERS;-As said by KING(while playing RPG game) a character,no matter how high its level is, cannot defeat another character which is a rival to it by nature …

  7. KiIowatt
    October 26, 2018 @ 6:18 am

    I’m watching Overlord for the same reason. Guild leader basically reaches the peak of his character’s magical abilities then just… keeps playing the game in a new reality.

  8. We Ps
    October 26, 2018 @ 6:18 am

    On top of the psychological conflitct, I think the biggest expectations subversion we experience in this anime is the fact that the Monsters, the Bosses, the Evil Creatures…the Antagonists are the ones that have to go through an hero cycle to beat the protagonist.

    Take Garou for instance, he’s the self-proclaimed human-monster, he’s on an anti-hero hunt.
    Still, while doing so, he’s going through the most classical of hero’s journey.

    It’s incredible how a story that seems destined to fail just by the premises has turned out so good and so well done, almost unintentionally

  9. Jc Lazaro
    October 26, 2018 @ 6:19 am

    I love your video man, it’s so inspiring. Subscribed and liked!

  10. KaughtonKam
    October 26, 2018 @ 6:21 am

    I think you missed a key point here. The show is less about Saitama and more about the struggles of the supporting characters. He’s a God while the rest of the heroes are struggling demi-gods. They’re battles are incredible because there are real stakes to their fights. They aren’t invincible and the enemies they face are overwhelmingly powerful. As the reader/viewer you know that Saitama will come in and save the day eventually you just don’t know when. So the tension you feel for the lives of the supporting characters is what’s truly compelling. Especially when they defeat an opponent without Saitama’s help.

  11. Daniel Coffey
    October 26, 2018 @ 6:24 am

    Never teared up at an anime analysis before. First time for everything.

  12. ModLoperz
    October 26, 2018 @ 6:26 am

    My favorite character is KING.

  13. Brandon
    October 26, 2018 @ 6:27 am

    Saitama’s struggle with being so powerful isn’t nearly enough to make up for the show being so predictable and him as a character being so unrelatable. A story about a guy so strong that he never loses is boring as all hell. If the moral of the show was to never give up doing what you love no matter what, then the show in my opinion would be good. But it’s not so in my opinion the show isn’t good and it’s popularity is simply due to the bandwagon mentality

  14. Tiago Machado
    October 26, 2018 @ 6:28 am

    Subverted expectation- If we get to see a villain not dying by Saitama’s first punch, we are going to lose our shit.
    And by the way, It’s really refreshing not seeing an introverted kid as protagonist and wait 100 episodes to see him do something relevant.

  15. KD FAYGO
    October 26, 2018 @ 6:29 am

    almost cried at the end

  16. KingOne
    October 26, 2018 @ 6:30 am

    One Punch Man is the GOAT show to me and it hasn’t even peaked yet. It managed to get to One Piece level for me in mere 3 years and God knows I like One Piece really really much. Even more than childhood cult DBZ.

  17. Nope FTW
    October 26, 2018 @ 6:30 am

    Man, hearing about believing in yourself makes me feel bad now. Before June 26th of this year I’d say I was at my peak, I had crossed thresholds and became a happy person witha goals and dreams. After the event of that day I have become simply nothing at all, all the enthusiasm is like a fossil, getting up in the morning is all the more challenging, my memory for tests and homework has vanished, the eyes that used to radiate warmth and joy are now empty and sometimes full of hatred. If I go to train I can remember a bit of the person I once was, but the memories of the event and following s**it storm feel like a leech draining my energy and leaving me with tiredness and not wanting to keep going. I think that when I finish school I’ll have nothing more to keep me up everyday, no obligations, so my life may end by my hand, I already tried to do it on September 1st with a knife to my exterior yugular and came to the conclusion "not gonna work, look at these testimonies" so I’ll just go and find a high place to drop off of. That or I’ll just keep dragging myself around. Damnit.

  18. Zealote
    October 26, 2018 @ 6:30 am

    I feel like Saitama would watch this very well put together video and answer with a classic "OK".

  19. Ryan Barr
    October 26, 2018 @ 6:31 am

    I don’t think that you’re right about OPM being original because the titular character is looking for an enemy which can challenge him. That’s actually a pretty well established trope. Off the top of my head, the most obvious example is Alucard from Hellsing, who feels exactly the same way as you characterise OPM feeling in this video.

  20. ShioKoala
    October 26, 2018 @ 6:31 am

    Wow he just keeps repeating the same thing for 10 minutes straight

  21. Kazuma Uchiha
    October 26, 2018 @ 6:32 am

    Saitama haven’t met god, yet. if he met god, he properly gonna get the thrill that he wanted for the his entire life

    PS; this episode just gave me goosebump and i’m tearing up a little bit, so i’m gonna subscribe to your channel, keep up the good work and analysis, mate

  22. Ojay Clarino
    October 26, 2018 @ 6:34 am

    this video connects with everyone….. thank you

  23. Ralf Jr.
    October 26, 2018 @ 6:36 am

    What you are saying can apply to characters that defeated the demon lord and now returned to a "regular" life (Akatsuki from Hagure Yūsha no Aestetica)

  24. Silvester Krill
    October 26, 2018 @ 6:36 am

    Let’s stop and realize that *Spoiler* Saitama saved the ringleader of hero association when he was a kid. So Saitama is how old exactly?

  25. Gareth Jones
    October 26, 2018 @ 6:36 am


  26. oSwiTcHzo
    October 26, 2018 @ 6:40 am

    nice script man you earn my sub

  27. Chris Jones
    October 26, 2018 @ 6:42 am

    At this point he could say " bruh I just wanna be strong JUST to be strong"
    ..may have been a better reason ?

  28. muhammad farid
    October 26, 2018 @ 6:46 am

    only saitama can beat his enemy just one punch

  29. Marcus
    October 26, 2018 @ 6:46 am

    He’s got to a point where even the biggest of bad guys are only worth 1xp

  30. Jonathan Harper
    October 26, 2018 @ 6:47 am

    It cracks me up that he always saves the day and never gets any credit for ??

  31. Aiden Sunday
    October 26, 2018 @ 6:48 am


  32. SMGJohn
    October 26, 2018 @ 6:48 am

    It works because its made by people who know what they are doing, in Hollywood stuff usually appeals to dumb sociopath Americans while in Japan its not that simple, things has to have some character to it, if you take the shittiest anime and compare it to everyday junk Hollywood garbage, you see that shit anime is not that shit anymore.

    One Punch Man is good, but the sad thing is its just more popular with American audience rather than Japanese even though it is successful in Japan, but SAO is more successful, why? Because SAO has tits, boring as fuck male character and yet its still better than all the Marvel movies combined.

  33. Leonardo Fernandez
    October 26, 2018 @ 6:50 am

    Extreme ear rapes, motherfucker.

  34. Lil Hand
    October 26, 2018 @ 6:52 am

    What’s the theme at 6:13

  35. Nathan Alexandre
    October 26, 2018 @ 6:52 am

    One Punch Man will never be one of a kind… Superman used to do this all the time, he even feels like he lives in a place filled with cardboard.

  36. 1000 Subs With No Videos Challenge
    October 26, 2018 @ 6:52 am

    In the beginning I could’ve thought of a better comparison… why is it that Skyrim is fun but Skyrim isn’t fun when you use console commands a lot.

  37. Fatlord27
    October 26, 2018 @ 6:53 am

    Sure, he might be physically invincible, but not mentally. The conflict is not whether or not he can defeat evil, it’s internal in Saitama; it’s about him figuring out why he’s really doing this. Whether if he’s really just doing this for fun, if he’s looking to challenge himself, or if he genuinely cares about humanity

    That, combined with the fact that it’s hilarious + good soundtrack + flashy animation = *mastapeece*

  38. S Rizal
    October 26, 2018 @ 6:53 am

    Well describe….

  39. mr_ byebye
    October 26, 2018 @ 6:54 am

    One punch man did nothing but make fun of most animes nothing more

  40. oSJme
    October 26, 2018 @ 6:56 am

    Beside the amazing humor and massive fights, I think One Punch Man is a graphic masterpiece. It’s so perfectly drawn, with many different styles. It’s true art.

  41. dimsumboy22
    October 26, 2018 @ 6:57 am

    tbf, you skipped the fact the anime is actually based on the Murata artwork.
    a better analogy would be to show the one punch man art vs the now finished MOB psycho art which he improved his art 10 fold on.

    The mob psycho anime is based on his artwork rather than Murata’s

  42. dumbalek
    October 26, 2018 @ 6:58 am

    > not talented

    i reccomend looking at the most recent chapters of ONE’s other manga Mob Psycho 100, he’s made quite the progress!

    that show also has a very interesting, subversive ways of handling the overpowered protagonist trope, it would make an interesting video : )

  43. Stackrates
    October 26, 2018 @ 7:00 am

    "We can’t empathise with an all powerful character." Speak for yourself, I am God.

  44. Nihal Habeeb
    October 26, 2018 @ 7:00 am

    I never expected this would end up inspiring me so much!!

  45. Anna Marie Mejares
    October 26, 2018 @ 7:02 am

    He break his limiter,

  46. The Amazing Luca
    October 26, 2018 @ 7:03 am

    As the person who has a trainer for each and every one of his games, endless power isn’t boring if the RPG has enough to do and the freedom to exert your power however the fuck you feel like it

  47. Siaw Xiong
    October 26, 2018 @ 7:03 am

    Damn, who the hell is chopping onions.

  48. eirqiz
    October 26, 2018 @ 7:04 am

    One more thing… One Punch Man really shows and potrays humility really well in a character. Something that all other stories dont have or lack of.

  49. Al-Mahamud Patwary
    October 26, 2018 @ 7:07 am

    The most frustrating thing for me in a show is where the mc doesn’t get enough recognition… And opm takes it to another level… It’s beyond incomprehensible.. What he needed most is recognition.. Very few people recognize him as a true hero.. He has no friend… (There are some potential people).. He doesn’t know anyone besides the hero association… People think he is a fraud.. And he accepted that fact for sake of other heroes… ( It’s more heartbreaking than jirraya or ace dying for me. )

  50. Daniel
    October 26, 2018 @ 7:09 am

    Nice video, but man you need to mix the music down when you’re not speaking. Far too loud.