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  1. Blood master
    October 9, 2018 @ 9:48 pm

    Clearly Milza ran out of turn and had to sally forth or Theo would have automatically taken the castle (at least that’s how it works in Medieval 2 total war). However light cavalry running over spearmen as if they cataphracts bugged me ^^;.
    I agree there is a lack of Chaos infused warriors on the antagonist side :Theo have Irvin (ninja butler) Aishela (Valkyrie girl) Emma and luna (werewolf twins) as his retainers while outside of the ninja from Sistina ,yeah its mostly been regular rank and file soldiers though from what I remember reading in the tabletop RPG book that Artists (the chaos powered warriors) have to take a chaos core into them before obtaining their powers and the process is highly lethal so that might why there are many on the enemy side over all (or they were cut for the adaption because condensing 10 books into 24 20min episodes is a good idea/sarcasm).