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  1. Blood master
    May 30, 2019 @ 3:35 am

    Marine inviting Milza and the viking girl for cookies and tea was such a mood whiplash after the whole snuffing out rebellions and preparation of war.

  2. 裕理Yuuri
    May 30, 2019 @ 3:56 am

    im actually happy that Laura is still alive. since among the three female mages that were introduced during the first cour, Laura is my most favourite. seeing her died really make me sad. though it did surprised me when i see her still alive, im just glad that she is. a little bit frustrated that the Treaty Lords still didnt want to admit Theo, but Theo seems to expect that. among the lords only the old guy seems like he doesnt want to have Theo as leader, that old man might be corrupted. but yea its a big achievement if Theo would won against Milza not just that guy would die, Theo’s court rank will probably went up to Marquess(that would make him on the same level with Marrine and Alexis). that is a big achievement indeed. i think i got a clue on whose the mastermind behind The Great Hall Tragedy, im thinking that its the Academy peoples or perhaps another deep underground organization since the Black Witch seems like shes being used, anyways its a good episode cant wait for next