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  1. nostos
    May 3, 2019 @ 11:07 am

    I know I’m like 5 years late but I feel the need to say that there is a reason why only 14 year olds can pilot the evas. They didn’t make it obvious in the show but a few adults did comment that having teens fly mechs is ridiculous and they were met with the response "you know why we have to do this" or something like that. I had to piece together a few theories since like I said, they never explicitly said it and this theory makes the most sense to me. Also, spoilers. Obviously.

    The reason why only teens can fly them is because the pilot had to be born after the second impact and their mother had to die and have her soul placed in the eva’s core. Not sure why it has to be their mom but if I had to guess I’d say it’s because their moms have a maternal instinct to protect their kids so they protect their kid inside of their core which sort of acts like a womb, especially with the LCL. Or it has to be their mom because being in the eva’s core is like a womb so that would only come naturally if the eva had their mom’s soul. Also, the pilot has to be sort of broken mentally from neglect so they want to go back to their mother’s embrace. This makes sense because every potential pilot (all of shinji’s classmates) fend for themselves. For one, all of their mom’s are dead and I believe most of their dad’s work for NERV and don’t come home much. You know this to be true because the class rep has to take care of her siblings and the camera guy (forgot his name) just goes out into the woods and camps because no one gives a fuck about him. You have to have neglect problems as a pilot because you have to want to go "back to the womb".

    I think this show had a lot of "returning to the womb" elements because that was what SEELE was ultimately trying to do and return to their original state as a single consciousness as LCL. Not the mention the Eva’s had LCL to give life support to the pilots and the fact that Eva’s have a fucking umbilical cord! The Eva’s core is almost literally a womb. A little side theory of mine is that Shinji disliked being in the eva because he finds it hard to be close to anyone and by being in the eva you’re extremely close to your mom but Asuka loved it because she actually wants to be close to others and especially her mom because in the EoE, she declares her love for her mom when she starts fighting all the new evas and learns that her mom is protecting since her mom’s soul is in the eva.

    Hideaki Anno certainly didn’t make this easy but if I had to guess, that’s why I think Evas can only be flown by 14 year olds. Either that or to sell toys.

  2. Stasian Atanasov
    May 3, 2019 @ 11:10 am

    pfffff "legal streaming"

  3. Shark Wave
    May 3, 2019 @ 11:12 am

    The movie isn’t this incomprehensible mindfuck everyone says it is. The images are a little out there but the concepts are pretty straightforward, especially if you’ve read up about existentialism.

  4. Connor Morley
    May 3, 2019 @ 11:12 am

    End of Evangelion = Joy Division
    Rebuild of Evangelion = New Order

  5. loading . . .
    May 3, 2019 @ 11:14 am

    Did he just jerk off to his friend in a comma? That’s just messed up.

  6. Eileen Farrar
    May 3, 2019 @ 11:14 am

    Hey—you didn’t even MENTION the soundtrack to EOE—which is EPIC AND AMAZING!!

  7. Isaac Clarke
    May 3, 2019 @ 11:15 am

    Ah, so I watched the "first movie", I was so confused…

  8. Gaskin_allfours
    May 3, 2019 @ 11:20 am

    Jesu playing in background

  9. Itatchidickhead
    May 3, 2019 @ 11:20 am

    Epic through back

  10. Mullerio
    May 3, 2019 @ 11:23 am

    I thought Shinji was gay?^^

  11. Taller Warrior12
    May 3, 2019 @ 11:23 am

    How can someone draw a kid masturbating to a topless girl who is not even conscious

  12. JPMoney
    May 3, 2019 @ 11:28 am

    Me: Well, time to buy blu-ray of Evangelion.

    *Checks price*

    Me: Fuck You.

  13. Based Otter
    May 3, 2019 @ 11:28 am

    I give a 10/10 to Neon Genesis Evangelion and the End of Evangelion. Most memorable thing I have seen. Managed to beat the 2016 US presidential elections.

  14. Sonicfrais Heya
    May 3, 2019 @ 11:29 am

    Evangeliom will never die guys.

  15. Ayush Singh
    May 3, 2019 @ 11:30 am

    14 year old teens piloting Eva….. Why???
    Because their mother’s soul lie in their Eva’s

  16. Luis's Shitposting Channel
    May 3, 2019 @ 11:31 am

    Am late but… you know that you should watch evangelion and this movie in an specific order so the last 2 episodes of the serie make sense, right?

  17. Augustin
    May 3, 2019 @ 11:32 am

    The irl shots if you were paying attention are irl version of locations in the show

  18. The Reverend
    May 3, 2019 @ 11:32 am

    Watch Raxephon after you watch EoE

  19. Korakys
    May 3, 2019 @ 11:33 am

    The live action footage from the film that you show here has been mirrored. Trying to avoid content ID?

  20. Eileen Farrar
    May 3, 2019 @ 11:33 am

    So—NGE is coming to NETFLIX soon—so, will they also have these 2 films as well?

  21. Off Shore Comedy
    May 3, 2019 @ 11:35 am

    Shinji isn’t a protagonist. He’s just pussy juice in human form. Quote me on that.

  22. Stay Thirsty
    May 3, 2019 @ 11:35 am

    You are very knowledgeable, very well-spoken, but I am slightly distracted by the fact that you really look like Charlie Hunnam’s younger brother.

  23. Casper Christiansen
    May 3, 2019 @ 11:36 am

    I fucking love intermission sequences. They usually do appear on DVD’s of films since they are part of the film itself, and in some cases, I understand the need to remove them. But dammit, I think they’re pretty neat!

  24. lil hentai
    May 3, 2019 @ 11:36 am

    Nein, nein, nein. The ending of the end of evangelion did not leave me satisfied. Why the bamboosling fuck did shinji kill the german girl? i don’t understand and even if it makes sence, he should not have fucking killed her. whyyyyyyyyy

    May 3, 2019 @ 11:37 am

    I’d say it’s fitting seeing how all the fans were total assholes so I ? is behind Anno decisions

  26. Roger Dingleberry
    May 3, 2019 @ 11:41 am

    Am I the only one who thinks people don’t understand evangelion because of cultural differences? If you take Japanese society into consideration, you can see how the characters make sense

  27. Hamlet Here
    May 3, 2019 @ 11:44 am

    Fucking clickbait mate

  28. Bridge AMV
    May 3, 2019 @ 11:46 am

    You just had to use the same OST
    Goddamn these chills

  29. Simon Dayan
    May 3, 2019 @ 11:46 am

    I had to condense the entire show and movie into a page and read it in class.(bad idea no one understands help)

  30. Haris Vassios
    May 3, 2019 @ 11:46 am

    2001 and eva generally have the same appeal artistically and ironically both are marked either a masterpiece of modern art or an overrated boring piece of crap

  31. George M
    May 3, 2019 @ 11:47 am

    Watching it on my own as a kid, my reaction was "Not quite sure what it meant, but it was great!"

  32. Ziggerath
    May 3, 2019 @ 11:47 am

    I honestly think you just have a hard time understanding art in general. You’re moe taste makes more sense now.

  33. Jaghut Krond
    May 3, 2019 @ 11:47 am

    Not sure why I bothered watching this. Back in 2010 I knew that it as time constraints, not money. and then when you started talking about it, why do 14 year old have to pilot the Evas? It’s like you didn’t watch the show. A significant part of the entire series was the Maternal Instinct. The Evas fight to protect their kids, their kids, because they have the souls of their mothers. "Unknown reason" It’s a known reason,. I’ll add to this as I watch.

    You are correct that the first film is are cap. Waste of time? For some. The series ended 96, the recap movie was 97. So I would go with, watch the series. Not a strong enough issue to disagree on there. You refer to it as a replacement though, that’s not the intention, it’s a reminder of what happened up till then, hence a recap. Why would you call it a recap, then treat it as not a recap?

    "Why don’t you just, watch the show?" It’s not intended to replace the show, it’s intended to remind people who watched it a year ago, where it is at, so they can continue from the point it deviates. Again, Recap. As for why does it contain material from EoE, you are ignoring Death^2True, because it gives you a stronger argument.

    It’s akin to there being a directors cut, and harassing the original, because it isn’t good, when the directors cut addresses all the issues, and improves in the original, but the point of this is to bitch isn’t it? Not a criticism, just bitching.

    Rebirth wasn’t even initially released in English, ti was a teaser for EoE, Death was the movie. But you don’t care.

    Intermission. Look up reincarnation, 1/5 people who claim to be reincarnated, claim to be aware of an intermission period between death and rebirth. It’s a thing, in actual religion/spiritual belief. As to why it’s in the movie, perhaps to decompress, maybe to showcase the entirely new music? I can’t really justify its existence beyond it being an actual thing in spiritual circles.

    You seem to take this as a Robot v Kaiju show. You seem to have missed what this show is.Now, interpretation is always legit, because it’s who a person took the messages, whether they were there or not, author is dead and all that. But you really seem to have chosen to chip at the surface and ignore, well, the show.

    How dare the Live Action parts be cryptic. It’s not like this movie hasn’t been cryptic at times, you spastic.

    I find it weird that you recognize it as art, then try to interpret it as otherwise.

    No rating for D&R, not going to complain, watch the series as you say, it’s better. Can’t disagree.

    Final rating, I find it weird that you whinge about the entire existence, then give ti a rating I agree with. It’s not Cowboy Bebop. I don’t understand why you take this at its surface, then suggest SEL, Which is far harder to understand and comprehend. Is that because it’s so hard, that you are forced to dig deep, whereas EVA you can treat it as the weak shit it pretends to be?

  34. Kessler
    May 3, 2019 @ 11:47 am

    After watching nge and eoe, then watching your methods for evaluating them, I’m disappointed. I’ll watch a more recent review, but from this and your review of nge it seems like you avoided any review of it as a piece of art. Also you have to engage with the religious symbolism to understand the show, so that’s was a dumb cop out for a reviewer as well. Aite imma check your new videos. Hopefully not this hollow.

    Edit: I don’t care about death and rebirth, just nge and eoe.

  35. Mother
    May 3, 2019 @ 11:48 am


  36. hand grenade
    May 3, 2019 @ 11:48 am


  37. RmanGaming1228
    May 3, 2019 @ 11:49 am

    1:57 at this point I can stop watching because that’s all I basically needed to know

  38. Glen Wang
    May 3, 2019 @ 11:49 am

    But, Arkanda, the intermission scene, like any ‘still’ images throughout the Evangelion series, is ART.

  39. Itatchidickhead
    May 3, 2019 @ 11:49 am

    *throw lol

  40. Anime Alpha
    May 3, 2019 @ 11:49 am

    Wait , so asuka and shinji are the only ones alive ? Asuka died , didn’t she ? If she got revived , everyone else should have been too. Well whatever , at least Shinji’s getting laid with the girl he fapped to.

  41. UgandaKnuckles
    May 3, 2019 @ 11:50 am

    end of evangelion is really depressing

  42. Jeremiah Johnson
    May 3, 2019 @ 11:52 am

    2 things. 1. You only watch anime dubbed?? You literally don’t and CAN’T know what you’re talking about? 2. You don’t know what reboots are?? You’re literally a dumbass and idk wtf I can say to you. Basically fuck this video and it leaves me with the idea that you’re such a moron i can’t watch the rest of your stuff

  43. Stolen Queen
    May 3, 2019 @ 11:54 am

    Can someone tell me the episodes in order? I’ve been thinking the order is this but I’m not sure
    NGE: episode 1-24
    NGE: 25-26
    Then the other movies. Also is there an order needed for these movies?

  44. Joshua S.
    May 3, 2019 @ 11:57 am

    did shinji nut to asuka’s body in the hospital?

  45. You won't like me
    May 3, 2019 @ 11:58 am

    Finally found a "copy" if it, worth it.

  46. Aman Singh
    May 3, 2019 @ 12:00 pm

    11:22 what was that

  47. Jubah Puteh
    May 3, 2019 @ 12:01 pm

    It is legal guys in freaking NETFLIX. And yess Im from future

  48. Christopher Wang
    May 3, 2019 @ 12:02 pm

    Death is useful if you want to "get in the mood" before watching EoE, and its been a while since one has finished the series

  49. Judith Rios
    May 3, 2019 @ 12:02 pm

    I prefer the rebuild films

  50. Josiah Duff
    May 3, 2019 @ 12:03 pm

    I don’t understand evangelion at all if I’m being honest.

    And I’m someone who understands dark souls lore…

    If anyone wants to explain everything I’ve watched I’d appreciate it lol