FLCL AMV – Black Betty – Spiderbait

FLCL AMV – Black Betty – Spiderbait

Check out the HD re-edit (by ZeroPointD):

I love this song, so I put it to FLCL clips. I think it turned out freakin’ awesome, so… Enjoy! (please leave comments)
I apologize early for the poor quality and desynchronization. Blame Windows Movie Maker and Youtube. 😀
Song: Black Betty
Artist: Spiderbait

Edit: HOLY CRAP! I didn’t expect people to actually watch this, but waddya know. OVER 9000 views!

12/22/08- 20k. Besides the fact that most of them were probably me, I never thought to hit this mark. Awesome. Wish I could bring ya more, homeys, but my computer is like a giant paperweight currently. Hope to remake this one with higher quality footage (and subtitle-less) in the near future. Watch for it. Peace.

Edit (6/12/11): By the nine divines! 100,000 views! Definitely not something I would have expected from any video of mine. While I am a bit perturbed that this is the only video with any decent number of views on it, I do like the fact that it shows up on the first page when you search “flcl amv” (and now just “flcl” too!). If you get some time, go ahead and check out my other videos as well. They’re more vlog/skit kinda stuff, but I try to focus on comedy. 🙂

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