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  1. lollypop 2001
    February 12, 2020 @ 5:50 am

    shinji literally couldn’t get to the eva, because if the shit is was covered in. So he couldn’t have helped asuka no matter what

  2. Realnigga Turner
    February 12, 2020 @ 6:03 am

    Ya should react of Evabridged Episode 1-4 ……. Ya would love it

  3. jennie mafune
    February 12, 2020 @ 6:09 am

    Looking forward to part 3 you guys had me

  4. chaospudding
    February 12, 2020 @ 6:12 am

    Shinji isn’t meant to be likable. He’s a fucked up kid who makes a ton of mistakes.

    February 12, 2020 @ 6:13 am

    Damn, can’t wait to see your reaction to the last quarter, definitely a wild movie that leaves more questions than the answers that everyone had hoped for.

  6. Lufus0
    February 12, 2020 @ 6:15 am

    Evangelion is still evangelion

  7. Largo01
    February 12, 2020 @ 6:18 am

    Remember the liquid-to-solid plastic bakelite from last time? Shinji couldn’t get to the Eva untill Unit-01 decided to let him. lol but I understand your frustration with him, believe me.

    The Mass Production Evas were armed with those weird boat paddle swords which could transform into replicas of the Spear with it’s AT Field penetrating properties intact.

    lol imagine how many people left the cinema thinking that was the end.

    Also, the scene where Gendo puts his hand inside Rei (lol phrasing) Tristan McAvery (the original ADV Gendo voice actor) did an outtake where he was like "Damnit, I know my keys are in here somewhere…"

    The virgin Thanos snap vs the Chad Third Impact

    Maya freaks out when she feels Rei’s finger go through her

    Right at the end there when it goes to the playground that’s baaaaaaasically when End of TV happens in the timeline, so before now Shinji was still all fucked up about Kaworu and everything that happened in the latter half of the show.

  8. The Emperor
    February 12, 2020 @ 6:18 am

    A good portion of evangelion was everyone saying, "Get in the robot, Shinji."
    *He still doesn’t do the damn thing*

  9. jazzy depression
    February 12, 2020 @ 6:19 am

    Shinji:Last night took an L and i didn’t bounce back

  10. Realnigga Turner
    February 12, 2020 @ 6:23 am

    Imagine watching the 3rd Impact in Theatres in 1997 when this came out …. I was there …… When the movie was over the movie theatre was completely silent …. We all asked 1 question " ….. What the fuck did we just witness hahahah " ! ???

  11. Realnigga Turner
    February 12, 2020 @ 6:24 am

    Its safe to say Shinji is in the Hall Of Fame of Pussy Anime Protagonist lmao ??

  12. Kermit The Frog
    February 12, 2020 @ 6:30 am

    Tune in next time when everyone still catches the L

  13. Mega Z Productions
    February 12, 2020 @ 6:39 am

    I wish after shinji finnaly got in the robot he actually did something rather then just being used to turn everyone into kool aid