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  1. Keep It Zen
    November 26, 2019 @ 6:25 am

    If only Misa & her friend wore hairnets and gloves.

  2. chris crookham
    November 26, 2019 @ 6:26 am

    gorilla grodd controls people to commit crimes. is the person involved at fault?

  3. Shunrar
    November 26, 2019 @ 6:27 am

    The discussions afterwards are really frustrating with all the important stuff you overhear or forgot from the past episodes.

  4. _0 r p h v n _ _ 0 n l i n e
    November 26, 2019 @ 6:28 am

    04;01 .. Oof

  5. ultimate KIRA
    November 26, 2019 @ 6:29 am

    Pls react to Overlord too….the anime…its really dope..

  6. POchimpmonk !
    November 26, 2019 @ 6:30 am

    Black mirror next show? 😀

  7. rasinshuriken
    November 26, 2019 @ 6:31 am

    Q 8:27

  8. shishiodun
    November 26, 2019 @ 6:31 am

    Every week Calvin is so close to being spot on, dude is on the ball

  9. EE Ehrenberg
    November 26, 2019 @ 6:31 am

    Solitary confinement is literally classified as torture, yes. However, countries like the US have very little restrictions on this type of torture. There are numerous cases in the US where even juveniles are held in solitary confinement for entire years. The US prison system is a cornucopia of human rights violations, that is were they to follow the human rights of most, if not all other first world countries. US citizens arrested in several European countries often refuse the US requests to have criminals sent back because it would violate those countries human rights laws to comply. Sorry, I didn’t mean for this to become a rant.

  10. ibrahim shabazz
    November 26, 2019 @ 6:31 am

    You guys are too hung up on the love part of it that was the reason he gave his life up for Misa it’s not a prerequisite. Shinigami exist to take human life not to extend it so when they extend a human life it costs them their life and their lifespan is transferred to that human.

  11. Ramon Fry
    November 26, 2019 @ 6:31 am

    Can guys please react to attack on titan plz

  12. Sandro Sliske
    November 26, 2019 @ 6:32 am

    They didn’t even notice which Death Note Rem took away.

  13. Jackvin
    November 26, 2019 @ 6:33 am

    There’s a specific reason why Light did what he did! You guys will find out in a later episode! Just keep the scene from the woods in mind!!

  14. OmariDaiki
    November 26, 2019 @ 6:36 am

    L is smarter than light but light has the advantage with the death note that gives him upper hand

  15. David L. Quintanilla
    November 26, 2019 @ 6:38 am

    Pleaaaase make shorter the lapse between episode reactions, I love how u react to Death Note, guys!

  16. William Raymond
    November 26, 2019 @ 6:40 am

    "wipe until it hurts"
    -Calvin 2018

  17. Arya Svit-kona
    November 26, 2019 @ 6:42 am


  18. vigenlona
    November 26, 2019 @ 6:42 am

    i swear i hate fucking L, the way he is is extremely annoying and so is the way he eats

  19. Black Pug
    November 26, 2019 @ 6:42 am

    1:37 Why do people use suspect in a sentence like ‘him more suspect’. Shouldn’t it be suspicious? I’ve seen this used a lot recently, even in games.

    November 26, 2019 @ 6:46 am

    I love listening to you guys talk about this brilliant series every week, your all going to have a ball with what comes next in the many episodes, its going to MIND BLOWING, lol

  21. Billy Lee
    November 26, 2019 @ 6:47 am

    It’s cute hearing talk of civil rights issues with the Kira investigation, considering Death Note’s already very idyllic take on the matter. Imagine Kira in the real world for a second, and if you’re at all familiar with how politics work, just how much ethics would be involved in handling a threat to global leadership? How about if neutralizing said threat served the dual purpose of gaining a possible superweapon? Suffice to say, it could have been a much darker and more complex story, if it was aimed at an older audience.

  22. Forest campbell
    November 26, 2019 @ 6:48 am

    Dude the ones in jail was an experiment!to see if they could do things beyond the prisoners limits/means which he discovered they could not,pay a little bit more attention aaron

  23. NekoVira
    November 26, 2019 @ 6:48 am

    and now we begin my favorite arc in the anime, and also the last part I watched in full.

  24. xxGojira54 the channel
    November 26, 2019 @ 6:48 am

    This show is Awesome.

  25. David Marlow
    November 26, 2019 @ 6:49 am

    MORE DEATH NOTE!!!!!!……please

  26. MaMiMuMa
    November 26, 2019 @ 6:49 am

    The killers who died were new criminals.

  27. Qarymee Presents
    November 26, 2019 @ 6:51 am

    You guys really miss key plot advancements because you talk over the episodes … You missed HOW L knew to arrest Misa Amane … In Episode 14, L asks Watari to keep Light under surveillance because if he was Kirra, The Second Kirra would contact him somehow …. so when Misa showed up, L jumped at it.

  28. BUZz KiLL
    November 26, 2019 @ 6:54 am

    Kira play: perfect time for Rem to kill L.
    L play: Ask her why she likes Light.

  29. Fumeijoe
    November 26, 2019 @ 6:55 am

    If they’re only allowed to include 10 min of the episode in a video, what’s stopping them from making the video a two-parter and show the full reaction?

  30. Alicja Szymańska
    November 26, 2019 @ 6:58 am

    That mention of Making a Murder, I love it!

  31. Alejandra Vasquez
    November 26, 2019 @ 7:00 am

    ?????Lmao… this episode should be called "Decision (or wipe until it hurts, and then one more)"

  32. Prakash Kundu
    November 26, 2019 @ 7:01 am

    Light had some advantage of knowing the rules of death note that L doesn’t that’s why L dies

  33. frankly the mooch
    November 26, 2019 @ 7:01 am

    what loved about this episode and re watching it is, you see how much influence the Death Note has on a person. Misa is an innocent lamb and Light is a wholeheartedly confused teen, the moment the book is back in their life with the old memories…that all changes. its an interesting thought on how much the power to kill warps the mind

  34. Hasan Abdul-Jabbaar
    November 26, 2019 @ 7:04 am

    *Spoiler For Next episode:*

    I like that they predicted the next faux-Kira basically

  35. Lindsey Fiesta
    November 26, 2019 @ 7:06 am

    This is literally my favorite show
    Its so satisfying when you learn something and then they explain it and it makes total sense
    Plus how they use deductive reasoning to get to conclusion we usually wouldn’t be able to reach
    Its amazing

  36. Krono
    November 26, 2019 @ 7:07 am

    I’m loving all the discussion that this episode caused, this is why the how is so good

  37. Andrés Castillo
    November 26, 2019 @ 7:07 am

    DUDES, Prison School. It´s THE show to react with a group of friends. You won´t regret it.

  38. All For One
    November 26, 2019 @ 7:07 am

    I like the Good Light

  39. Suzuran desu
    November 26, 2019 @ 7:08 am

    It’s just a part of his keikaku, guys.

  40. LifeMushroom
    November 26, 2019 @ 7:09 am

    Dbs hype

  41. morgan bighia
    November 26, 2019 @ 7:11 am

    Good conjecture.

  42. My New
    November 26, 2019 @ 7:13 am

    One Simple Thing : Pay Attention.

  43. Nico Sanchez
    November 26, 2019 @ 7:14 am

    The worst part of the is going to start soon. 🙁

  44. Ving Rhames
    November 26, 2019 @ 7:15 am

    Solitary confinement on its own has been defined as torture on an international level.

  45. MewDenise
    November 26, 2019 @ 7:16 am

    They have evidence on Misa because of DNA in her room

  46. something
    November 26, 2019 @ 7:16 am

    Please, Blind Wave moderator, tell the crew to not drop the show after ‘you know what’ episode. 37 episodes of Death Note are good in a way, sometimes a little bit convenient and far fetched yes, but its how detectives stories works. The detectives, culprits, polices or whatever the characters are, always had a sort of plot armor. All of the 3 main detectives and KIRAs did that too, but it’s enjoyable because it had some kind of dynamics between characters, good plot and based on ‘the fact’ that presented in the shows. Don’t be like them who dropped the show because it messed up their hearts in that certain episode.

  47. Fabio Lacap
    November 26, 2019 @ 7:17 am

    Well with the drink driving scenario, you still made a choice to behave irresponsibly. That’s different from the amnesia scenario. The amnesia scenario is more complex.

  48. Aliyah Johnson
    November 26, 2019 @ 7:18 am

    I love this episode because it’s an amazing turning point but I also hate this episode because it’s THEE turning point

  49. Fabio Lacap
    November 26, 2019 @ 7:19 am

    When you give up ownership of the Death Note after having made the Shinigami eye trade, you also lose the Shinigami eyesight, the years of life you traded for the eyes will not be restored. Fun fact: regardless of your original eyesight when you trade for the Shinigami eyes you get 20/10 vision, but you’d lose even this perk if you give up the Death Note.

  50. BaptainBalcon
    November 26, 2019 @ 7:19 am

    RE: wiping talk. Remember that this is in Japan where they have fancy toilets that’ll wash you instead of you needing to wipe. 😉