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  1. Brenda's beauty blog
    May 14, 2019 @ 7:46 pm

    I have never seen this anime (I don’t know why) but after ur review I will, am not too sure of the live action film I heard it was white washed, but I Wil give it a try ?

    Ps you should review dragon ball evolution

    ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

  2. Razorian Buck
    May 14, 2019 @ 7:51 pm

    love deathnote!

  3. Yeti's Tech Corner
    May 14, 2019 @ 7:56 pm

    Good summary I started watching it but could never really get into it just didnt have a good hook to me

  4. SeaStar Rose
    May 14, 2019 @ 7:59 pm

    I liked the show, but was unable to finish it. The ideas were great, but started to get too far out to me. I definitely enjoy Light from this, rather than in the Netflix movie. I don’t buy that Light (Netflix show) is actually smart, but in the Manga you can definitely see that, which makes him and L so great to see. Ryuk was super funny in the Manga and Netflix series. The show’s dramatics??? mannn??. You know how I feel about the over dramatic nature in these shows?. I might consider going back and finishing the show after this review. Waiting to see what’s next, keep it coming! ?

  5. G-Lad
    May 14, 2019 @ 7:59 pm

    subbed and liked and hit the bell.
    i will support you from now on.
    please show us some support too

  6. Roxie Stars
    May 14, 2019 @ 8:00 pm

    what a great intro! i was never drawn to anime but you captured me in this review.. Great video Tee!..xox

  7. Freeman Family Productions
    May 14, 2019 @ 8:01 pm

    Great video buddy Death Note is an awesome Anime L and Ryuk are great characters also love the opening theme The World by the Japanese Rock band Nightmare so epic and Ls theme reminds me of the Exorcist theme at the start all in all one epic Anime

  8. Random Family Days!
    May 14, 2019 @ 8:10 pm

    You gave a great review! We’re not into anime but this looked pretty interesting to be honest.

  9. WUC Productions
    May 14, 2019 @ 8:22 pm

    Any new videos in the works?! It’s been a while! I like your stuff and want to see more of it!

  10. EmptyCloak Gaming
    May 14, 2019 @ 8:31 pm

    I think you summed it up pretty nicely. About the first half of the show is great, and then the show really starts to miss in the second half.

  11. Life Thru A Lenz
    May 14, 2019 @ 8:37 pm

    great review of this man . i enjoy it .

  12. Benjamin Chavez
    May 14, 2019 @ 8:39 pm

    Haha that character looks crazy yo. take care

  13. 2KooL Reviews
    May 14, 2019 @ 8:39 pm

    Sorry the video was late today, it took a while to upload hope you guys enjoy nonetheless

  14. Nfamiz Jay
    May 14, 2019 @ 8:42 pm

    Lmao “I’ll take a potatoe chip and EAT IT!!” Yoooo I died laughing rite there with the music ?ona serious note (no pun intended) ?I never seen a anime movie. I don’t know why just never got the chance. You always do a good review so I’ll peep it out when I can. Good work famz