Cowboy Bebop Funimation Exclusive Edition DVD/Blu-Ray (2014) Unboxing

Welcome back to Otalku! Today Sam is opening something that’s been sitting on the shelf for a LONG time. You might all have seen this done already but for those that haven’t we are taking a look at the Funimation Exclusive Cowboy Bebop DVD/Blu-Ray released in the way back year of 2014. Join us as we open this baby up take a look at the insides and the exclusive art cards that come with as well as a special signature on one of them. Sounds fun right?

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About Cowboy Bebop:
Spike Spiegel is a bounty hunter in the far future with an easy going attitude and some deadly skill at martial arts. Together with his partners, Jet Black, and later Faye Valentine as well, they go from job to job across the galaxy looking for the high priced fugitives to bag.

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