Clues In My Neighbor Totoro Show Exactly When The Movie Happened! Only In Japan – GTV

Clues In My Neighbor Totoro Show Exactly When The Movie Happened! Only In Japan – GTV

GTV 50 “When Does My Neighbor Totoro, 1988 Ghibli Anime Film Happen?” The clues of the exact date of the film are hidden in the Subscribe!
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Hey let’s go! Hey let’s go! Let’s go to a magical place… a time of youthful innocence, wonder and imagination… Lets’s go to the world of My Neighbor Totoro. The classic Ghibli animated film, released in 1988, about two young girls named Satsuki and Mei who discover that the spirits of the forest are all around them and are quite friendly at that. In the last 30 years, My Neighbor Totoro has gone on to be a considered a timeless classic by many.

The film perfectly mixes the human world with that of the surreal Many places and things in the film have real life counterparts. For example, you can see Mitsuya Cider and Sayama Tea in the background. Tokorozawa is also the name of the town where the film takes place, and is a real town, north of Tokyo. The design of Mei was based on directer Hayao Miazaki’s niece as well.

I have found the exact date of when My Neighbor Totoro actually takes place, by looking at small clues left in the movie by the animators. I’ll show you them and then you too can know exactly when the events in the film take place.

The only way to fully explain WHEN things happen involves spoiling the plot…. So if you haven’t seen it yet, and don’t want it ruined, then stop right now, go watch it and then come back.
The story of “My Neighbor Totoro begins when the Kusakabe Family moves to the countryside of Saitama Prefecture. The father works as an archeologist at a university in Tokyo and takes care of his two daughters Satsuki and Mei while their mother is the hospital with an illness. The family decides to move away from the city to be closer to where mom is staying.

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