Bleach gets anime remake!& Dragon ball Super iosgame new rare fighters on app game.Article review

link to both articles here:

link 2 videos about the information of anime stuff here:
hey yo whats going on with it once again ladies and gents(so since is more than likely the last video im doing this month since for the next 3 weeks i’ll be out in boston celebrating this family reunion i’m attending to) ill sadly won’t be able to cover any badass amazing mind blowing topics for E3 2018 this year (which pisses me the hell off but sadly family has to be more important that videogame ,anime news articles & internet news & unboxings) SO i herd this pretty glorious ,epic news from this other japanese Anime tuber mor annituber named you guess itTokyoSaurus(which i forgot to mention in this video) talk about this new reincarnation of the bleach anime series but this time with a whole different spin off oc newer characters and some old veteran ones, and the Dragon ball super news wasn’t too hugely important But since im a DBZ fan and a Dragon ball super and DBZ movie fan, i had to cover that bitch ASAP BABY!& that pretty much covers the video!Peace the hell out once again ladies & gentlemen bros women, fanboys & fangirls & of course as always ,otaku’s and hikikomori’s out there!I will see you when i see you! you guys have a good day or good night wherever you are at in the universe out there!Don’t drink & smoke weed at the same time and don’t do anything reckless out there! stay tuned for more article session reviews like videogame industry news, anime manga news, internet news& (when september comes around)outdoor chat & breeze vlogs video content that ido! take it easy!Peace out i’m out like sauerkraut, lates & goodbye and i’ll see you on the flipside!!!

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