Black Clover REVEALS Asta’s Girlfriend is Wizard QUEEN Level – Noelle’s ULTIMATE POWER vs Vanica!

Black Clover Manga Chapter 298 showcases Noelle Water Spirit Dive Undine vs Vanica 100% Megicula, we clearly see the power of Noelle, where she has reached Wizard King aka Wizard Queen Level of power, surpassing her mother Acier Silva and being the strongest female character we have seen so far. We know Noelle Loves Asta so she may confess these feelings towards the end of this arc. Charlotte will confess her feelings to Yami at the end since she already told everyone else, Yami is dying and could possibly die by the end of the dark triad arc, this is the perfect time for her to tell him before something goes majorly wrong. Asta with Liebe in his Unity Devil Transformation is still overpowered, Asta is clearly the ultimate warrior and the strongest mage that Nacht Faust Proclaimed.


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