Backbone – My Hero Academia AMV (1080p) by EpicMango

Editor: EpicMango

So this video is a little bit more special because it’s from one of my friends who edits on YouTube. He looked up to a lot of the work that I did and was always positive when commenting on the feedback. After many huge improvements that I started to see in his work I was really impressed with this video because it did a lot more for My Hero Academia that many other videos with the anime will not do. For one thing it tells a story through action that everyone can follow! I hope he keeps this streak up because he is looking very promising with the new content that is coming out! Please check out his channel for more! 😀


**NOTE: This AMV is made for non-profit purposes and does not represent another company’s work. This is purely made for Fans of multiple Anime. Credited to TV Tokyo and Association. I OWN NONE OF THE CONTENT**

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