[AMV] Deku – You’re Gonna Go Far Kid

[AMV] Deku – You’re Gonna Go Far Kid

After a good friend of mine highly recommended My Hero Academia, I was hooked after episode 1. When I had finished season 1, I knew I wanted to make an AMV of it with this song. I wanted to add in some effects, but putting all the pieces together took about 7 hours, so I was like, nah.

Also it still bothers me that the season 1 clips I used here are in 480p and season 2 is in 720p. I might reupload this in the future.

Program used: Movie Studio 14

I do not own Boku no Hero Academia. The rights go to the creators and the song belongs to The Offspring.

Anime: Boku no Hero Academia
Song: You’re Gonna Go Far, Kid
Song artist: The Offspring

Categories:   Anime


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