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  1. GodspeedGideon
    October 9, 2018 @ 10:20 pm

    Bro… WTF was that lol. Either Delheart was trolling you lol, or he has some weird taste in anime lol (Although I have weird taste in some anime I watch as well lol).

    The contrast looks like the appeal of the singing group, BabyMetal. And it has a relatable plot, in terms of what workers have to go through everyday. But, I’ve never watched this before, so maybe I’m jumping into the wrong conclusions, but I’m with Taher… WTH did I just watch lol?!

    If he was trolling, then he’s a f*cking genius LMAO!! If he’s not, then how does an Attack on Titan fan, go from an anime that’s a Thriller, Suspenseful, and Gorey… to whatever I just watched?!?

  2. luisjl92
    October 9, 2018 @ 10:27 pm

    It’s better in English. Basically it stars a red panda that tries to cope with her horrible job. The songs that she sings are from a particular genre of music which is a total contrast from the cutesy animation. Trust me you will enjoy it much more in English.