Aggretsuko Review in 5 Minutes

Aggretsuko Review in 5 Minutes

Aggretsuko is the latest Netflix Original to hit the web and it’s a fantastic take on modern society told through the eyes of chibi animals. A must watch if you have 15 minutes to spare.
Other names: アグレッシブ烈子
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All the music heard in this video comes from the soundtrack to Shirokumas Cafe (Polar Bear Cafe) as at the time of making this video the Aggretsuko soundtrack was unavailable.

The song at the end does come from Aggretsuko but I can’t find who the artist is anywhere.
Where/how to watch

Aggretsuko was released on 20/04/2018 on Netflix for streaming Worldwide and as such is a Netflix original. You can watch it in the original sub or in the following dubs (I personally recommend the English dub as the best way to watch this show):
⦿ English
⦿ Brazilian Portuguese
⦿ Cantonese
⦿ French
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Tech specs
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