A World So C O L D – Princess Mononoke [ AMV ]

A World So C O L D – Princess Mononoke [ AMV ]

“There’s a sickness inside you that wants to escape
It’s a feeling you get when you can’t find your way”


I’ve been a very angry person lately given all of the problems my family is enduring. I’m back home, so I’ve been stressing all over again. But, this time it has ruined me. I’ve allowed this pain and frustration to conquer me. I walk around and everyone says I look angry -as if I’m out for murder. and that doesn’t make me feel good. Cause I was always the one who had a smile on, no matter what. I think I crumbled. I feel like I’ve lost who I was completely.

But, not anymore.

I chose to edit with Ashitaka because he is another character I strongly identify myself with besides Garnet. He is highly forgiving, a trait I used to condemn myself for having. However, he also battles his hate and rage. But at the same time, is still a compassionate, forgiving and kind human being who has a strong sense of justice. I see myself in him for these reasons.

He taught me that it was okay to be caring and forgiving, even when everyone else called it stupid and weak. Also, to always be strong and march on, even when everything around you is falling and it won’t seem to change. In ways I feel as though I am cursed, just like him. Just not to the extend of dying of course. But, the problems I face have been there since childhood. I won’t let them take away my loving heart or my kindness. Nor will I allow it to destroy my smile.

This video was a way for me to vent my pent up aggression, despair and thoughts. I feel a lot better now. The song lyrics relate to me, especially my view on the world, which is also Ashitaka’s. If he can let go and forgive those who had wronged him, so can I.

Song: World So Cold
Artist: 12 Stones
Footage: Princess Mononoke [ one of my favorite movies]
Time taken: 1 day

Categories:   Anime


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