Boruto Naruto Next Generations Episode 61 Chunin Exam Finals w/ Boruto vs Shinki vs Sarada Battle Royale interesting real ninja insights. Since when did Boruto know purple lightning LOL? Did Boruto move up on the list of Top 12 Strongest Leaf Genin?

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Boruto uses purple lightning vs Shinki’s Iron Sand Wings and other techniques. Boruto gets disqualified because of this though because Naruto realizes that Boruto never learned 6th Hokage Kakashi Hatake’s purple lightning technique. Shinki utilizes the same iron sand shape as the 3rd kazekage. Afterwards, Naruto uses Negative Emotions sensing to detect Momoshiki and Kinshiki arriving at the chunin exam stadium.

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Boruto Purple Lightning Episode 61 vs Shinki w/ AnimeAnalyst

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