Sword Art Online Alicization EXPLAINED – War of Underworld EP4, Dark Territory! | Gamerturk Reviews

Sword Art Online Alicization EXPLAINED – War of Underworld EP4, Dark Territory! | Gamerturk Reviews

Commander of the Dark Knights Vixur Ul Shasta against the God of Darkness Vecta in SAO Alicization War of Underworld! But there’s a story you didn’t see behind it all! All secrets & details, Anime vs Light Novels!
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*Timestamps:* 0:30 Quick overview | *1:36 What was adapted, what wasn’t? Why was the episode perfect and lackluster at the same time? Reki’s approach to War of Underworld narrative and why it doesn’t translate well into Anime format* | 6:07 Gabriel Miller’s Past with Alicia Clingerman and Souls | *10:50 Introduction to the 10 Lords of the Dark Territory, great introductions, but wrong focus during the scene! Emperor Vecta analyses his subjects, respects DIL, concerned about Vixur Ul Shasta* | 13:35 How did Gabriel Miller contact Critter on Ocean Turtle? | *14:05 Gabriel Miller vs Lipia Zancale, Lipia’s past, *how can a Dark Knight attack its Emperor, if the Strong rules by the rules of Dark Territory?* | *17:57 (Major drop by the anime, long section) Vixur Ul Shasta’s entire past and what happened during Shasta vs Emperor Vecta battle, details of Incarnation, learning from Integrity Knights and more!* | 29:06 Response to people who say “Alicization is boring” | 30:57 Alicization War of Underworld Episode 5, The Night Before the Battle, no-spoiler Teases

? Illustrations featured in this video are from Sword Art Online Light Novels (Colored versions by “Portuguese Translators” as well as RikuSempai), Sword Art Online Games, Yamada Kotaro’s (Project Alicization Manga Artist) Weekly Alicization Illustrations published on his twitter (@yamadakotaro) and Suzuki Gou’s (character designer and chief animation director for Alicization) twitter (@kurogomasama). Quinella and Cardinal illustration is from Animedia. Clips/Screenshots are from the Alicization Anime, used under the protection of Fair Use for Anime review purposes. Picture with Gameverse characters is the Beaters Cafe Main Visual 2019.

How did Kirito dual wield in Alicization Episode 24? Explore the rules of Underworld that allowed Kirito to Dual Wield in my Alicization Dual Blades video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7qbAFIOJF6s

Sword Art Online Alicization, Season 3 second half, War of Underworld, consisting of Alicization Invading, Alicization Exploding, Alicization Awakening and Alicization Lasting!

For complete adaptation notes as to what has been changed from the SAO Alicization Light Novels to the SAO Alicization Anime, you can check the episodes respective Wikia page once it’s completed:
Sword Art Online Alicization Episode 28, Dark Territory: https://swordartonline.fandom.com/wiki/Sword_Art_Online_Alicization_Episode_28

Sword Art Online Alicization Explained by Gamerturk, with the help of Sword Art Online Wikia! SAO:Alicization Explained, Review, Breakdown, Reactions to Sword Art Online Alicization War of Underworld Episode 4, Dark Territory!

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