Yuru Camp △ – Aaox’s Anime Review

Yuru Camp △ – Aaox’s Anime Review

Aaox decides to unplug for a weekend to get in touch with both his feelings, and Yuru Camp.

Less review, more analysis of my favourite thing about the series, perhaps, but hopefully nonetheless entertainmnformative.

It was an extremely enjoyable show, which I certainly wasn’t expecting, and whilst it’s hard to call it anything more than ‘enjoyable’ – it’s certainly not a life changer, at the very least – I have almost nothing bad to say about it, which is surprising given my usual proclivity for negativity.

Speaking of, the copyright wolves tore down my previous Hellsalem’s Lot video, so that’s why, uh – that’s why that’s gone. It was a manual takedown, too, so unless I’m willing to go to actual court, I doubt I can do anything. Wish I could do more. Might try uploading them to Vimeo or something, but you’ll hear about that when it happens.


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