“The First Fifteen Minutes of Revue☆Starlight Are Boring”

“The First Fifteen Minutes of Revue☆Starlight Are Boring”

Do you know what these first few episodes of Starlight remind me of? Madoka Magica. There’s plenty of people who say “oh, the first couple of episodes are slow, but watch episode 3 at the very least.” But the thing with Madoka is that even before that, the atmosphere, direction, and cinematography draw you in, foreshadow things, and adds a unique “off”-ness and tense-ness.

The same is true for Starlight. People focus on the battles at the end due to the jaw-dropping action, but they neglect all of the set-up that the story needs to build before getting there. As expected of any good tournament arc!

End card design by Bakuretsu Works:

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