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  1. Pauline Florsch
    June 14, 2022 @ 2:53 pm

    To SSS, who said a possible criticism was that there was ‘no logic’ – that’s called ‘soft’ magic system and world building, it’s an actual writing technique, and if it doesn’t ruin the enjoyment than it has no reason to be criticized imo. To me it’s a strength, not enough stories are like that imo.
    Some authors swear only by hard magic systems, and some only by soft magic systems, but the concensus overall is that it’s just a matter of personal taste. I personally like soft magic systems more in general

    Also, SSS, the forgetting is just you. You may not like it, it way not be tailored to you, but a lot of people remember it just fine. I have nothing against it, my cousin’s the same, but don’t assume it’s a general thing that happens to everybody

  2. Pauline Florsch
    June 14, 2022 @ 3:13 pm

    I don’t like ratings tbh. I don’t like rating a movie after I see it as a result. I like commenting on the different elements, I see no reason to put a number on it, but to each their own [shrugs]

  3. Pauline Florsch
    June 14, 2022 @ 3:27 pm

    Okay so after years of struggling with our internet we’ve changed the place we get it from. Works much better so far, let’s hope it’ll continue this way

    I read someone on the internet saying that No-Face steals the personality and voice of the people he eats (which would explain the greediness and multiple voices he uses, and the fact that he didn’t talk before he ate his first victim and after he spit him out). Hadn’t noticed before

    As I was saying in the chat, a seal in Japan is the equivalent of a signature. By stealing her sister’s seal, Yubaba is stealing her authority or identity to an extent, or perhaps it’s a roudabout way of stealing her signature/name – but that’s the way I interpret it. Anyway, it’s bad.

    Yeah it just skipped a whole 4 minutes or something lol. But I mean, still get most of the movie, I just have to keep an eye on the timestamps to make sure they’re still correlated every few seconds. Have had worse XD

    The baby is so adorable as a rat X3

    I love the rails underwater in the middle of the sea, it’s beautiful

    1:45:30 I love Kamaji’s mustache moving with his snores X3

    I have too much empathy dammit. I feel like crying every time the moment when she realizes her baby is gone comes up. I can just imagine being in her place, as awful as she is T_T

    That kiss on Zeniba’s nose by Bo is adorable X3

  4. Huh
    June 14, 2022 @ 3:28 pm

    13:40 🚀