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  1. Katame
    November 19, 2022 @ 2:36 pm

    Skip 25 and 26 and watch End of Eva instead

  2. Hans-Werner Werners Hans
    November 19, 2022 @ 2:37 pm

    Most people consider this to be the worst episode of the show, glad that you enjoyed it.

    The reason why so many people dislike it is because the best part of the show are the Characters. Plot and Action are just icing on the cake. Fantastic icing at times, but nothing more. This time we learn only a tiny bit about Asuka and get a little teaser for Asukas and Misatos past.

    Asuka wants Shinjis attention as well as everyone elses and gets pissed whenever Rei gets it. Shinji is a 14 year old boy with self esteem issues, so he doesnt know how to react, that makes thing uncomfortable for him.Thats pretty much it. Not really new information, this simply confirms what we already knew.

    Many people also dont like the comedy in this episode and I get where they are coming from. Nothing ruins something more than humor that falls flat on its face (Star Wars 8 springs to mind). I dont mind it that much, but Asuka in a fat suit is certainly out of place and feels wrong in this show, especially since they try to be dramatic or tense later in the episode when shes in the lava.

    This is also the most "fillery" angel in the show. It gets introduced, has a gimmick "oh no its super hard, what can we do now?!" and the solution is not only provided imediatly, its also a nice lesson in physics for the children watching. It just feels like a saturday morning cartoon and is weirdly out of place in Eva, a show that usually subverts tropes and expectations. Asukas decend into the lava is super tense and well done, but it just ends anticlimacticly (<- 100% sure that is not how you write that and only 30% sure that word even exists in English but i take the chance)

    Still, we learn a few things about second impact and have a bit of worldbuilding with Kaji and Misato, telling us about how the world sucked post second impact and how everyone tries to have fun, because they know that angels could ruin their lives every moment. Feels a little bit like living in Israel. Live seems normal until something explodes again, so lets not think about it to much and have fun while we can.

    You might have noticed that Rei has almost no screentime at the moment. That is because Anno had no fucking clue what he wanted to do with her 😀 He wrote himself into a corner with her smile in episode 6, and only in the next episode do we see her do stuff again, because that is when he figured out what her arc will be about. The magic of making shit up as you go, ends in desaster 99% of the time, but for Eva it worked out somehow.

  3. Chríss M
    November 19, 2022 @ 2:51 pm

    My advice, and I’d probably ignore this if someone said it to me, is to watch The End of Evangelion before the last two episodes. The film and the two episodes are two different perspectives on the same events. But the film version is definitive and better. I can only say trust me, watch the film then the last two. Whatever you decide, please try and upload your full reaction. Again, to emphasise, you must watch The end of Eva. It is the true ending of the series.