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  1. Chibi Reviews
    June 18, 2019 @ 10:37 am

    So Light Novel readers… how was this in comparison?

  2. Dr34d iOS
    June 18, 2019 @ 10:38 am

    Tbh my favourite season is the first one honestly I was really hyped when I heard that Kirito had used a move that was from the past and I loved the old look actually:)

  3. flaming troll face gangster
    June 18, 2019 @ 10:40 am

    You have been kissed by chudelkin

    Like to undo

  4. LaBroSta !
    June 18, 2019 @ 10:41 am

    I’m curious if he will ever use dual swords again because it felt like it hinted at it last episode

  5. unggod
    June 18, 2019 @ 10:43 am

    so … i need to had watched the previous SAOs to fully understand the current one? I watch this to see if the interest peeked back as the other SAOs wasn’t that great.

  6. SimplyAcke
    June 18, 2019 @ 10:44 am

    I mean, you can say whatever you want but being able to use his past in his favor instead of denying it is a clear evolution of Kirito’s mind.

  7. Marvin
    June 18, 2019 @ 10:46 am

    Haters telling the author that his imaginations sucks hell.

  8. darwin lubrin
    June 18, 2019 @ 10:46 am

    I’m getting tired of LN readers vs. Anime comparisons. -_- Just be thankful you have something to read and something to watch.

  9. Xern
    June 18, 2019 @ 10:48 am

    Who here would probably be really happy of Kirito’s position if he was you? Like if you do, and comment if you don’t.

  10. Sompol Investment Story
    June 18, 2019 @ 10:50 am

    Good and detailed describe. Subscribed.
    Wait for EP.23 describe.

  11. n0name guy
    June 18, 2019 @ 10:50 am

    Eh lol ending of alicization if pretty fucked up

  12. darlek _001
    June 18, 2019 @ 10:52 am

    I think he will use his dual weilding again

  13. Dennis Rodriguez
    June 18, 2019 @ 10:52 am

    You don’t have to belief in the existence of a higher being humanized in order to understand the importance of the social contract with others. And it is through understanding the such pact that needs to be done with others which creates a better life for everyone. All that gained from an objective morality that doesn’t need the belief of an ultimate being, but rather, from rationality. That’s the flaw of the administrator, which doesn’t acknowledge such contract with the rest of the human empire in order to progress.

  14. Digimon Rumble
    June 18, 2019 @ 10:53 am

    I like your review, chibi.. you’re so natural and positive thoughts about SAO, hopefully you can always enjoy this series untill the end ??

  15. Katame
    June 18, 2019 @ 10:56 am


    One of Laughing Coffins member works with America’s NSA aka the final boss. He killed his best friend in real life who looked like Alice to see if he could see her soul leave her body and now he is obsessed with doing bad things to her 🙁

  16. ProjectDT88
    June 18, 2019 @ 10:56 am

    I have a theory and tell me if I am wrong. I onlr read most of the first light novel.
    On episode 1 or 2 of season 3 when Kirito is "attacked" he used his Vorpal Strike with his unbrella, but aimed at the leg, scared to kill someone, and it was because of that choice that death gun reached him with the injector?

  17. darlek _001
    June 18, 2019 @ 10:57 am

    Fourth wall breaking

  18. FeelFree3
    June 18, 2019 @ 10:58 am

    Why did Kirito told Quinella about Rath and dark territory invasion? Was it because he tried to persuade her to cooperate with him or just to declare the reason he wanted to defeat her??

  19. Andrew Lubar
    June 18, 2019 @ 10:58 am

    How many more episodes are left in this part of Sword Art Online: Alicization ???

  20. Kalix LuvsLife
    June 18, 2019 @ 10:58 am

    Not sure about the LN. all I know is if takes 128 for the main character to finally get developed it’s probably a shitty anime.

  21. Dark Light
    June 18, 2019 @ 10:59 am

    You stated my main reason for preferring all of the light novels over the anime. A lot of the character development, especially for Kirito, comes from his thoughts. All of his thoughts hold significance.
    Also Kirito doesn’t like being the Black Swordsman because he doesn’t view himself as a hero. He is guilty because he abandoned the players, he wasn’t the top player to save the masses. He was the top player because he was afraid of others being stronger and he always felt guilty about that. Even though he believed Asuna to be stronger than him and he believes her to be the better leader he always held onto that worry, and the guilt from it, of others being stronger. But in Alicization he accepts that for whatever reason, despite hating it, that he is the Black Swordsman, the hero of the virtual world

  22. Ragnar Blue
    June 18, 2019 @ 11:00 am

    In the Light Novels that scene has more impact in my opinion. The anime just shows the action but not the thoughts that Kirito has. And that makes the story more interesting in the novels

  23. Emperor Swei
    June 18, 2019 @ 11:00 am

    I like the administrators clothes.

    Dont look at me like that i know u like it too.

  24. unnamed Kitsune
    June 18, 2019 @ 11:00 am

    watched one minute and couldnt even finish. how you say you watched the anime but STILL cant pronounce Kirito’s name right?

  25. Enot21
    June 18, 2019 @ 11:07 am

    Me after reading the title:
    **TWICE IN 1 SEASON????????????**

  26. The HentaiBukai
    June 18, 2019 @ 11:07 am

    That title cant be serious.

  27. kslayer21
    June 18, 2019 @ 11:07 am

    And Kirito went Bankai here, just saying

  28. Mercer Alex19
    June 18, 2019 @ 11:08 am

    Development my ass

    Guts is still better even as a character

  29. Furlo johnson
    June 18, 2019 @ 11:08 am

    Charlotte’s web anyone

  30. Raxiyan
    June 18, 2019 @ 11:11 am

    Just one thing: WHY SHE HAS TO BE NAKED?

  31. Thomassilia
    June 18, 2019 @ 11:11 am

    I’m still wondering how big of an impact all those years he spent in the Underworld will have on him irl. He basically lived what, more than two years there, as much time as in SAO, even more if he remembers his childhood there too. He’s basically mentally much older so it’s gonna have a big impact in his real world self

  32. Nedas Kaminskas
    June 18, 2019 @ 11:12 am

    why no videos on the side???

  33. Philip Mayagoitia
    June 18, 2019 @ 11:13 am

    I believe the only reason why the admin is not taken as the war AI they wanted is because she is like skynet and the need someone they can control.

  34. Kusuko *
    June 18, 2019 @ 11:14 am

    Chibi, I believe you are mistaken when you say Kirito killed “a lot of people”. In reality, he only killed three people in SAO/Aincrad. Also, he did not kill any of them with vorpal strike. He killed Kuradeel with a melee skill, he killed a laughing coffin member by cutting their head off, and the other was not made clear how they were killed, but based on their wounds, I assume that it was not from a vorpal strike. With this, I do agree with the fact that Kirito did use the sword skill a lot during Aincrad.

  35. Honest Lee gaming
    June 18, 2019 @ 11:16 am

    What if kirito gets his new black sword and his old elucidator

  36. NarvinTD
    June 18, 2019 @ 11:17 am

    Chibi… we all due respect… after 3 season s and 22 episodes this happens??? Man…. i am not mad i am dissapointed…. i respect your preferences. But man….

  37. Algomi
    June 18, 2019 @ 11:20 am

    #Magicalgirlkirito and he was thinking “if i have to i have to be him” or something like that.

  38. Jesse Ayanami
    June 18, 2019 @ 11:21 am

    OG Charlotte from Charlotte’s Web was sadder. Just sayin 😉

  39. Simon Vermaat
    June 18, 2019 @ 11:22 am

    now I want to read the books

  40. Ismail Dony
    June 18, 2019 @ 11:23 am

    I love how youtube translate Eugeo to "Yujio" or even "Yu Gi Oh"

  41. Katame
    June 18, 2019 @ 11:23 am

    Season 3 really redeemed this show. I heard Unital Arc is going to be really good as well. Might have something to do with Yuii evolving as an AI

  42. i hate you
    June 18, 2019 @ 11:23 am

    Oh no the plot armor power have activated

  43. Araxx
    June 18, 2019 @ 11:23 am

    Eugeo dies

  44. I lewd lolis
    June 18, 2019 @ 11:25 am

    Never thought the death of a spider would make me sad

    Charlotte real MVP

  45. Kazuto Kirigaya
    June 18, 2019 @ 11:29 am

    Shoot, yeah of course why wouldn’t I

  46. Xern
    June 18, 2019 @ 11:29 am

    Would it be bad if part of me doesn’t care that much if i killed someone?

  47. Kirigahime
    June 18, 2019 @ 11:30 am

    Dissappointed, not gonna lie it’s a good portrayal of the actions but what is the purpose of that action? Why did he conjure up the Black Swordsman persona in which people confuse for him getting the SAO stats back in the ordinal scale and in this episode. The difference between the two was that it’s only the image of him being the black swordsman. It wasn’t his stats that he conjured up but a image of his former self. Basing off the SEED, Underworld was built under Kayaba’s SEED that was the same startig ground for SAO. But if Kirito we’re to summon his data via Ordinal Scale like scenario wouldn’t work for two things. 1. Compatability – same base program doesn’t mean everything is readable, ALO in it’s early stages had trouble processing Kirito’s items so I highly doubt Kirito will he able to get his black trench coat and swords. 2. Accessibility wise – He said in the episode that he was given only the authority equal to a resident of the Underworld, so he had no special tricks like Quinella or Cardinal. Yui wasn’t in the Underworld with Kirito so that made it even more impossible to conjure up his old SAO Stats.

    Kirito in this episode amplified the power of his skill as he slowly accepts the past and thus becoming the black swordsman, but there were recoil damage to this as he remembers the times that Kirito failed to save hence "Why do I keep repeating the same mistake?". He failed Sachi, Asuna, the other members of Moonlit Black cats, the other SAO players that died, the liberation army leader Corvatz, and the like. He looked only on the downside rather on who he managed to save.

    The anime could have done it in this manner.
    Alice continues with the use of her enhance armament and holds off Chudelking
    *the world will be in slow motion
    Kirito’s monologue of being the black swordsman and his thoughts on "Sword Skill: Vorpal Strike"
    As each second pass, Kirito will say how many seconds left. As long as his monologue’s are in there and with the slow motion to help give justice to the time then can the anime adapt this episode properly.

  48. Roman Rogal
    June 18, 2019 @ 11:31 am

    i love SAO <3

  49. ***ユウキ
    June 18, 2019 @ 11:34 am


  50. coobajzna
    June 18, 2019 @ 11:37 am

    subed 🙂