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  1. Grumpyzard
    February 22, 2020 @ 7:37 am

    Some of the reedming, sympathietic moments and the times you sided with Nezumi Otoko:

    In the Wanyūdō episode, while Nezumi Otoko was tricking people and having them be turned into diamonds by said Yokai, he was only going after greedy rich people and felt uncomfortable with the idea of using refugees, children in poverty, basically every single poor person, to be turned diamonds and only when along with it because he was being threatened. Also he is one who provided Kitaro just what he needed to defeat Wanyūdō (saving Kitaro in order to do so).

    In the Yōka episode, Nezumi Otoko showed his respect to the fallen Japanese soldiers of World War II by praying at their grave and when a foreman of a Japanese forestry company revealed that he and his workers where forced to export a tree containing the skeletons of Japanese soldiers inside of it, Nezumi Otoko scolds him for nearly desecrating and tossing away their ancestors who fought in the Pacific War. Nezumi Otoko also prays to them.

    In the Sara-Kozō episode, Nezumi Otoko points out that Poor Boy Isamu didn’t want to continue to be a comedian to provide for his poor wife and daughter, but rather because Isamu wanted to continue to bathe in the spotlight and Nezumi Otoko literally ends up being right about this.

    I think there’s more, but this should be enough to make a point. I find they stand out the most.

    On a different subject, you should really know the name of Kitaro’s moves by now. No offence.

  2. Grumpyzard
    February 22, 2020 @ 8:09 am

    Both the 1985 (3rd) and 1996 (4th) series of GeGeGe no Kitaro got a Blu-ray Box Set release last year, so it’s in fact highly possible for children in Japan to see these series which showed long before they were even born. It all depends if they are interested in watching them, actually you could watch them too, you just need to buy the Boxsets online (or download them illegally). Why am I talking about this so late? It’s because I never actually properly watched this video…

    …Until now, of course.

  3. Szen *
    February 22, 2020 @ 8:18 am

    truth be told the latest episodes are a little bit forgettable. With the only exception of the "Life and Earth" one. The previous one i think was the worst of the whole series. But today’s episode i thought was a return to form. i found it compelling and the Vampire was a pretty good antagonist. I think added layers both to Ratman and Kitaro relationship and the general mythos of the series.