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  1. Grumpyzard
    March 22, 2019 @ 8:49 am

    Actually it was the mother of the baby and her LOVER who left the baby in a critcial condition, that woman was cheating on her husband, he had nothing to do with it. Watch that scene again, it’s explained to you and look at the man gloating with the mother about getting away with it, he has a completely different appearance and voice from the father of the baby.

    Also you see the feather of the Ubume which fell near Mana disappear, this implies the humans managed to catch her again and… well, you know. Though it was probably just her body that was destroyed as a normal person shouldn’t be able to kill a Yokai.

    And GeGeGe no Kitaro was on a break because Fuji TV was airing the Nagoya Women’s Marathon on 10th March, it had nothing to with Toei needing more time to air such an important episode. The One Piece anime was also on a break that day too.

  2. YumikoStarlight
    March 22, 2019 @ 9:05 am

    ….You… asked for permadeath for mains in Western Yokai Arc….. right? :’D
    I’m so sad I couldn’t watch this episode on time, I had so much to do for work and I come back to THIS??? What did I miss? What happened in between??

    There’s so much to talk about this episode, wow, I don’t even know where to begin, so I’m gonna go from the start, I guess.

    I really like they brought Charatomi back. He popped up once before in between, if I remember correctly, but his biggest debut was in the very first episode. It’s interesting that they’re keeping him… not really having a major impact on the storyline or anything, but as a recurring Youtuber. So good on them, that’s a good part on the continuity.

    Now, to move on to Ubume. Ubume appeared once in previous series as well. She is known to be a Yokai with a really strong motherly instinct, which is why she steals babies. to adopt them and take care of them herself. Now in the past series, Rat Man sometimes did actually cooperate with her and organized child care institution or something to help her get the babies for one reason or another. As far as I remember in 2007, he released her because he was poking at a random shrine again. He needs some better hobbies. :’D

    On the subject of Rat Man, this is one of the few times when I felt that the episode was leaning heavily in his favor with the argument. It’s nice that Yokai were recognized and acknowledged. But there’s a reason why they tend to stick to themselves – to some point, they are objects of worship, though not on the same level as deities and gods (Kami). Which is why I can agree with Rat Man to some point – Yokai and human CAN make friends, we’ve seen them make friends in the past. But they can never be seen as fully the same. Good Yokai, bad Yokai, in the end they’re still monsters and should be treated with some amount of fear and respect, not as humans’ lackeys to take care of issues. They are forces of nature after all. I believe that as he was saying that, it was something Neko was thinking about as well. She objected to Rat Man for sure, and it’s right that she objected, but I think it was clear she had some doubts as well. I also think it’s important that Rat Man placed a warning for everyone right then. THIS WILL GO WRONG, MARK MY WORDS. I won’t say I knew it was a bad idea about Yokai getting so popular from the start. But there was a feeling of suspicion and dread in my stomach, seeing how quickly it all happened. And if Rat Man understands anything in this world, it’s the fact that trends change. Quickly. Something that might be popular today will be the object of hate tomorrow. It all happened too quickly and it was too good to be true. And it’s one of the rare eps that actually had Rat Man be RIGHT for a change, without any grey morality supporting his motives.
    Now. This is actually a very VERY good point to develop Rat Man in the following episodes. I hope DEARLY that Toei won’t pull another Western Yokai arc and remove him for the entire finale. I know he’s cowardly. I know he’s cheap and selfish. But he’s Kitaro’s best friend and it’s time to prove that. With Neko, the group has JUST lost their best fighter. From the main trio, Rat Man is the only support left. Utilize that, and utilize it well, Toei. Because if they manage to do that, that would excuse all of the past events when they removed him. Well, maybe not excuse it, but I would actually accept all of the past episodes as possibly setting it up for the one time he ACTUALLY had it right, and no one listened. Maybe the same could be said about the continuity issue with humans not knowing about Yokai. Maybe the plan was to make this huge nation-wide reveal later on for the sake of this set up.

    With the sudden shift in the human’s believes it’s also easy to see how quickly the masses’ opinion can be shifted, and I’m in no way an immune to that effect. Nonetheless, it’s still important to acknowledge that we’re flawed as human beings, and that a large majority will latch onto a thing to hate. It’s clear throughout history and it led to some terrible events, when ideology was latched upon by average people. This same shift occurred with everyone who once supported Yokai. They were good before, now they’re a threat. Mana seems to be standing above that, and her opinion is not as easily influenced.

    Nanashi has set it up all great. I’m expecting a GOOD finale. Or… semi-finale, considering this series will continue? I’m not sure, will it continue to go for another 50 eps or just another cour?
    You asked if this was a PG show in your reaction…..
    …. uh…. it takes itself as such?
    This was the first time we’ve seen an actual on-screen death with blood and all. Not sure if Mana’s mom is dead, but when Neko claws you, you don’t have the best chances.
    While Neko was only my third favourite in this show from the start… or maybe second, Rat Man and Kitaro always took the first spot, it hurt to see her disappear. She will definitely, get fixed somehow. But I hope before that, Toei gives other characters time to shine. Rat Man, Ittan Momen, Nurikabe, Konaki-Jijii and Sunakake Babaa. Maybe even Medama Oyaji.

  3. kitaro kun
    March 22, 2019 @ 9:08 am

    It was done perfectly