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  1. jeck jeck
    September 12, 2022 @ 5:24 pm

    ”Don’t make that face, we’ll meet again, Shinji.”
    Actual Translation to English: ”We are a cash cow, I’ll be rebooted/revived and brought back more times than you can count.”

  2. Stephen P. Bonk
    September 12, 2022 @ 5:28 pm

    I’ll break down a little bit of what happened and I won’t spoil the 4th movie for ya.

    After 2.22, Kaworu stopped near 3rd impact and then nerv initiated the ACTUAL 3rd impact some time after that, which corized the land (that’s what the red stuff is. If you aren’t wearing a plug suit and you start walking around in that red shit you’ll turn into Fanta). Then after that a bunch of Nerv workers and associates fought to escape nerv and create Wille. These people wore blue handkerchiefs on their arms to distinguish themselves in battle (and they still do!).
    The Curse of the Eva is basically a curse that makes Eva pilots stop aging. Once they get in the damn robot they get cursed.
    Misato is a dick to Shinji in this movie because she feels bad about what happened and is afraid to see him. She’s genuinely happy that he’s still alive tho.
    Kaworu is the 1st angel but when Shinji takes those spears he becomes the 13th angel and that causes 4th impact.
    I still don’t know what unit 7 looks like, I don’t remember counting it. Units 10 11 and 12 have not been shown here but they do exist.

    Side note I fucking love the soundtrack for this film

  3. Astal Ouroboros
    September 12, 2022 @ 5:29 pm

    Funfact: the song that played while unit 13 went berserk is the european national anthem

  4. BricknWolf
    September 12, 2022 @ 6:01 pm

    “Another traumatic experience to add to the life of Shinji Ikari.” I can’t get over that!😂

  5. Haarute
    September 12, 2022 @ 6:08 pm

    Watch the FINAL Evangelion movie 3.0+1.01 over at!
    We’ll also be starting SQUID GAME this month as a replacement for Eva (with episode 1 coming out tomorrow on Patreon) so make sure to stay tuned for that!
    Thank you for stopping by, and see you next time. Take care!