Weekly Anime News #6 |Fire Force | Dragon's Dogma |Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress| Psycho-Pass ,ETC

Weekly Anime News #6 |Fire Force | Dragon's Dogma |Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress| Psycho-Pass ,ETC

1.Fire Force TV Anime Casts Tomokazu Seki as Rekka Hoshimiya
2.GTO’s Tohru Fujisawa Starts Red Data Planet Manga
3.Netflix Announces Dragon’s Dogma, Wit Studio’s Vampire in the Garden, BONES’ Super Crooks Anime
4.Spriggan Manga Gets Netflix Anime Series by David Production
5.Senryu Shojo Anime’s 3rd Promo Video Previews Ending Song
6.Natsuki Kizu’s Given Boys-Love Manga Gets TV Anime in July on Noitamina
7.Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress: The Battle of Unato Film’s Promo Video Reveals May 10 Premiere
8.Sarazanmai Anime Reveals New Promo Video, Ending Theme Artist
9.Original Carole & Tuesday Anime Casts Kenyuu Horiuchi, Tomoko Miyadera, Takahiro Sakurai
10.Psycho-Pass Anime’s 3rd Season Premieres in October
11.Bungo Stray Dogs Anime’s 3rd Season Previewed in Promo Video
12.BEASTARS TV Anime Premieres in October, Will Also Stream Exclusively on Netflix
13.Trinity Seven’s Kenji Saito, Takunomi.’s Haruto Hino Launch New Manga
14.Taku Kuwabara’s Drifting Dragons Manga Gets Anime in January 2020 by Polygon Pictures
15.GONZO Produces Try Knights TV Anime for Summer Broadcast
16.High-rise Invasion Manga Ends in Next Chapter
17.Golden Kamuy Gets 3rd Original Video Anime With 19th Manga Volume
18.Children of the Sea Film Reveals More Cast, Poster Visual
19.Fairy gone Anime’s Promo Video Reveals More Cast, Staff
20.Attack on Titan 2: Final Battle Game’s Announcement Trailer Reveals July Release

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