Was Shigaraki QUIRKLESS? – My Hero Academia Chapter 235 Review (Spoilers)

Was Shigaraki QUIRKLESS? – My Hero Academia Chapter 235 Review (Spoilers)

My Hero Academia Chapter 235, we see more of Tomura Shigaraki and his past. In Boku no Hero Academia Chapter 235, we get the full flashback with little Tenko, and learn Shigaraki actually wanted to be a hero. Unfortunately, due to his father being scarred by his grandmother Shimura Nana, talking heroes was a no no in the Shigaraki household. Besides Shigaraki’s allergies, Ww explore Re-Destro’s stress bomb power up, Shigaraki’s tragic family life, as well as some interesting things concerning All For One. How did he know to go comfort little Tenko? Did he engineer this tragic occurrence from the beginning? And, was Shigaraki actually quirkless to begin with?

Was Tomura Shigaraki really QUIRKLESS in the past? Comment below!

Also let me know your thoughts on mature themes in manga, I’d love to start that discussion down below!

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