Sword Art Online Alicization EXPLAINED – Episode 9, Nobleman's Responsibilities! | Gamerturk Reviews

Sword Art Online Alicization EXPLAINED – Episode 9, Nobleman's Responsibilities! | Gamerturk Reviews

It’s time for Eugeo to steal the show, as Raios and Humbert are getting desperate and Tiese & Ronye need Kirito and Eugeo’s help! Sword Art Online Alicization Episode 9 EXPLAINED, Anime vs Light Novel!
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Sword Art Online Alicization Episode 9, Nobleman’s Responsibilities finally gives Eugeo the time he deserves, as we follow the story from his perspective in this chapter! He is visited by Humbert Zizek and Raios Antinous in the Elite Disciple Training Hall and goes into a duel against Humbert!

Eugeo returns to Kirito to talk about the instance and the next day, they learn that Humbert had just abused his Trainee Page Frenica from Tiese and Ronye during their picnic. Feeling responsible due to his duel against Humbert leading into this, Eugeo takes responsibility and speaks with Raios and Humbert regarding the issue.

And we have a lovely scene with Eugeo and Tiese at the end of the episode, as the Ending theme, Iris by Aoi Eir kicks in!

Timestamps: 1:05 Introduction, How much was covered, how accurate was it? | 2:18 Slight Change from the Novels, *How does the Academy Work, Academy Ranks* | *4:30 Major Flashback Cut for Eugeo* | 5:49 Eugeo vs Humbert and Raios details! | *8:00 Stay Cool!* | 9:01 Nobles in Underworld, Tiese and Ronye | 9:45 Humbert’s Abuse, Kirito’s Cut Scene | 11:14 Cut Scene Again, Kirito’s Warning to Eugeo, *Eugeo’s past with Golgorosso* | 12:55 More minor details dropped, Raios and Humbert’s Room, *Comparison to Eugeo’s past!* | *14:32 Why didn’t Eugeo go to Teachers first before confronting Humbert and Raios?* | *15:49 Eugeo and Tiese* | 16:13 Opinions and Next Episode tease

For complete adaptation notes as to what has been changed from the SAO Alicization Light Novels to the SAO Alicization Anime, you can check the episodes respective Wikia page once it’s completed:
Sword Art Online Alicization Episode 9, Nobleman’s Responsibilities: https://swordartonline.wikia.com/wiki/Sword_Art_Online_Alicization_Episode_09

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Sword Art Online Alicization Explained by Gamerturk, with the help of Sword Art Online Wikia! SAO:Alicization Explained, Review, Breakdown, Reactions to Sword Art Online Alicization Episode 9, Nobleman’s Responsibilities.

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