REDIRECT! Princess Mononoke Movie- Parts 1 and 2 reaction

REDIRECT! Princess Mononoke Movie- Parts 1 and 2 reaction

THE DEMON GOD CURSES ASHITAKA AND THE BRUTAL WAR! I absolutely loved this film because of the clear message it gives that hatred only breeds war and I loved the characters too. A young boy called Ashitaka tries to stop a Boar God possessed by the Demon God from destroying his village but ends up getting attacked. The Demon God was angry that the forest was being misused by the humans so he curses Ashitaka with an (almost) incurable disease on his arm which will inevitably end his life. Ashitaka is then told that he might find a cure if he goes to the west where the Boar God came from. Ashitaka finds a village led by Lady Eboshi and then gets himself in the middle of a war between the humans and the Gods of the forest who all want their own land but ends up being a bloody war with hundreds killed. Ashitaka tries to maintain the peace but Lady Eboshi beheads the Forest Spirit which only leads to the village’s doom as the Forest Spirit seeks his head. Ashitaka saves Princess Mononoke from being devoured by the curse and returns the Forest Spirit’s head and as a reward, the Forest Spirit cures Ashitaka’s curse and renews the forest restoring peace to the land.

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